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Chapter 7

I met Ellie, frantic with worry and chewing her nails to bits underneath the streetlamp.

' Teagan! I seriously thought I was going to have to go dig up your will from underneath that nasty salami sandwich! What on earth took you so long?'

'Well…I got a little detoured shall we say.' I replied brightly.

'How so?'

' Um, how shall I put this lightly? We're screwed.'

' What?! They didn't catch yo-'

'Actually, yes. Luke caught me. And I got the purse but there's a catch. He wants to know what's going on with you Ellie. He wants to know our Master Plan. There is absolutely no way we can give out that information!'

' So you're saying he let you go free? No demanding money, blackmail, or intense questioning of why you seem to be stalking him?'

' No he didn't- hey! I am not stalking him!'

' I know that. I'm just saying that's what it looks like. I mean, you did sort of appear inside his house.'

' Really?' I asked starting to get worried. I definitely did not want to give him that impression.

' Well yeah. You climbed through his sisters window just to- oh my gosh, is that the purse!?' Ellie asked, finally spotting it in my hand.

' Yes. But what you were saying-'

'Lemme see! Lemme see!' Ellie begged, snatching it from my grip. ' Ohhh, look at it. Isn't it just beau-ti-ful?'

' Yeah, sure. Can we go now? I've kind of been through a war here. His sister screams at like, a glass-breaking level.'

She bobbed her head happily, content with her stolen purse.

What a weirdo.

I zoned out as we walked home, Ellie yammering about that-boy-what's-his-name. She was dissecting what he could have meant by the words ' Nice shirt' when it hit me.

' Ellie! I forgot the supplies bag at Luke's house!'

She stopped talking, her mouth dropping into a little o.

' You didn't.' She whispered.

I nodded frantically. ' The last thing I remember is taking the screw driver thingy out of it to bust the window open. I could have dropped it in Meg's room. Or maybe it fell off in his closet. I was so panicked about getting caught I completely forgot about it.'

' You stitched your name on that didn't you? In big letters? On the front?'

' Yeah.' I said horrified. ' I wanted everyone to know it was mine!'

'Teagan, he probably found it and plans to give it back to you tomorrow. I don't think we need to worry about this. At least, I hope not.'

' You still have his cell number? From when he gave it to you?'

'Yeah, why-' I grabbed her arm, dragging her the short distance to her house.

' What's the number?'

'Teagan I really don't think after you've just robbed his house is the right time to-'


She backed away, her eyes wide. ' Uhh, it's in my purse, right h-here, somewhere, it should be, oh h-here… u-uh…3..67...6789'

I punched the numbers in, and waited. I got the busy signal, and then the message beep.

' Hello Luke? This is Teagan. I'd just like to say that I seem to have left my supplies bag at your house by accident. If you open it, I will personally incinerate you in my fireplace. It is filled with top secret raid mission items that I do not wish for you to view. Please bring it to school tomorrow, and thanks again for not calling the police on me. Also, I am not stalking you, just in case your wondering. Thank-you. Goodbye.

Ellie stared at me. ' You can't be serious.'

' What?' I asked.

' You're unbelievable.' She replied snorting. I watched as she started to laugh, repeating my phone phrases again.

' Ellie?' I asked curiously.

' Buhahahaha! Ahhaa…hahah!'

I'm sorry. Did I miss something here?

' Ellie,' I said slowly. ' You know, if you've been pressured into talking drugs, don't be afraid to tell me about it.'

I got a chuckle and a snort for a reply.

Well then. Good day to you too.

I marched out the door, muttering about un-grateful friends. A little old lady walking on the sidewalk stopped and stared as I gleefully kicked all the garden gnomes on Ellie's lawn down.

Just don't ask.

She was still watching me as I brushed my hands off and returned to the sidewalk. I was starting to get annoyed. I mean here it's like 10:23 at night, my friend is laughing about who knows-what, I left my secret supplies bag at some guy's house, and this old person is like, eye molesting me.

'Hey you, what the heck are you staring at?' I demanded.

'You've got bird poop on your shirt dear. Did you know?'

You have got to be kidding me.

Nope, there it is. Right in plain view.

' Thank-you old person.' I said quickly, then turned and ran back into Ellie house, utterly humiliated.

Why me…