If you're really religious, you might be offended by this. Strike that, you nearly definitely will. But I don't mean anything by it, so please don't take it the wrong way. And I'd be extremely grateful if anyone would review and tell me what needs to be improved, because this is going to be a voice-over on a short video I've been going over in my mind for quite some time.

I pretty much want it to be perfect, hence uploading it. It'll probably be a girl's voice doing it (either myself or a friend I think would be brilliant for it), but it won't be squeaky. A squeaky Creator would be more than a little weird. At least, for me it would.

I watch you collide, crawl, laugh, cry; and I smile, safe in the knowledge that I am bigger and better than you will ever be. You are less than ants in my eyes, mere playthings, a playful distraction from more pressing matters. A creation I have invented and let grow for a small while, and I can destroy you as I please.

Yea, you will play, and nothing else will matter. Yea, you will enjoy pleasures you believe are beyond feeling. But it will all be at my hand. So will the pain and the misery that seems to go hand in hand with love and joy.

Do I hate you? No, you are too small for me to bear a grudge against you. It is beyond my powers to take into account one so small and insignificant. Nor would a group or an uprising affect me. No, I could not bring myself hate you.

I could crush one of your kind with my little finger, and you could go on with your collisions, and your own personal journeys. You might, you will go on trying to pretend that nothing ever happened. Who went missing? No one was there in the first place. But you'll know then, that I'll be there watching. Slowly, you'll all start going. One by one, familiarities will get lost, and then, one day, it'll be you. Or whatever's left of you, a hollow collection of rags and bones where a soul and a life used to be.

Yea, I could ruin all that ever was to you, and not feel a single thread of regret, because you are mine, and so shall return, no matter how far you travel in your one measly lifetime, it will still be just across the page, and I will have travelled so much farther so many more times. You will be nothing. You are nothing. Nothing that ever makes sense to you can defy me, my power.

Who am I?

I am your worst nightmare; your saviour; your friend; your foe; your creator; your utmost downfall; the only one who will be there in the end; the only one that was there in the beginning; your confidante over the years; your betrayal; your strengths; and your weaknesses.

I am God.

So... Loved it, hated it, want to throw me off the bell tower for being blasphemous? I do respect religion, despite how my mockery of a monologue might make me appear. It needs a lot of work, I know, but I was hoping you would take pity and let me be lazy and ill, and point out faults? I have read it over a couple of times, but I prefer an outside view.

Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.