Well this is probably the piece that my friends have read and enjoyed so far som I'm hoping that everyone out there will too, all characters, and plotlines are mine and mine alone as well as the idea, so don't get any ideas! Read and Review folks

The street lights from the darkened city seemed to pass slowly overhead as I drove through the seemingly desolate town. Over the radio there was some slow somber jazz playing, the saxophone seemed to guide itself into my heart and soul as it played.

I took my cell-phone from my overcoat pocket, as I opened it the light seemed to make the inside of the car glow a faint blue. Carefully I hit the speed dial and placed it firmly against my ear, as expected the call went through but nobody answered, I sighed and closed the phone.

I continued to drive down the lonely street, letting my eyes drift at the few people who walked alone in the dead of the night down the streets, but for the most part all one gets to see in the city at night is its buildings, most of which are covered with graffiti, it gave the city, "character" some might say, and maybe it did.

Within a few minutes I was on the outskirts of the city where a few houses lined the roads and some of the more well off people could live in peace by the beachfront. I stopped my car by the sand and shut off the engine. From where I was sitting I could hear the gentle rumble of the waves as they crashed calmly against the sandy shore, once I opened the door the sounds seemed to intensify threefold. I don't know how long I stood by the car listening to the waves and inhaling the cool salty air before I moved up the beach, maybe a few minutes maybe an hour, who knows.

I stood at the head of the beach and let the foamy water surround my shoes until they were soaked all the way through, I leaned down and put my hands in the water, it felt good on my skin, I cupped my hands and raised it to my face and then splashed it across my head, allowing the cool substance to run down my neck and drench my shirt. I seemed to get lost in the essence of it all, and that was when I drew the gun.

For a little piece of metal it felt unusually heavy and I felt as though I might drop it, but I managed to line it with my temple anyway, the barrel to the snub-nose was cold and hard but it didn't seem to matter, a single tear fell from my eye as I pulled the trigger, and that's when everything went to hell.