Alicia sat in the front row of the funeral home beside Rays' mother and brother. The tears that had been so common the pas tcouple of days had almost completley stopped, a person can only cry so much. Of course the hurt was still there, nothing would take that away. Slowly she stood up as if considering the choice that she was going to make and then she walked over to the casket. She looked down at Rays peaceful face, it almost looked as if he was still breathing. They say that severe mental trauma can make people see things, in this case she wanted to see him alive and therefore it looked as though he was breathing, of course she knew that it wasn't really happening.

She leaned down and kissed his lips, they were cold, there was no warmth at all. She managed to let out a tear, the single drop fell on his forehead. She ran her hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry baby." she whispered, hoping that somewhere he could hear her.

He couldn't.

I sat with Death in a darkened room, or at least I thought it was a room, but with this guy who knew? We'd been doing this so long that I'd lost all since of time, it felt like eternity, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't anymore than a few hours or so.

"Why the hell are we doing this?" I asked him

"To teach patience." he replied.

"Why? Why do I need to know patience, I mean come on I'm going to have all of the time in the world!"

"Exactly." he whispered, "And that is why you need to learn patience."

"Okay..." I replied"and about the whole impulse thing, how the hell does that work?"

He seemed to be getting annoyed. "That will come natural to you when you ascend the throne and recieve my powers."

I stood up. "They say time shapes everything, is that correct?"

"It is" he replied.

"Then in time I will learn patience."

He clapped "Very good, you have learned the greatest rule of them all."


"Well, they aren't written anywhere, I guess you could call them, uh, just call it good wisdom."

"Right, wisdom."

"I think that you are ready for the task ahead of you." he said.

Before I could speak we were back in the cottage, he started walking towards a closed door. I followed.

"As soon as you sit on the throne the power will be yours and I will be walking down a pair of corssroads with two people who have been waiting for me for a long time, and I will not be coming back for a long, long time. If you have any questions then I suggest that you ask now."

I thought for a minute. "Can I die?"

"No, you are immortal until soemone else ascends the throne, and that will be your choice to do so. Say you are on Earth for whatever reason and you get killed, you will simply appear right back here unharmed."

I was silent. "I can go to Earth as often as I want then?"

"Yes, but do try to blend in."

I nodded, he looked away from me and pushed open a heavy wooden door. Behind the door was a single room, in the middle was a large black throne of Obsidian, the walls of the room were surrounded by constantly draining hourglasses. I looked at Death.

"What are the hourglasses for?" I asked.

He laughed. "I use them to keep tabs on certain humans that I find myself attracted to, just regular people who will probably make no influence on the world of the living whatsoever. Being Death can be boring, its away to sit back and watch life through the eyes of another."

"I see."

"Now, if you are ready then take your seat on the throne."

I walked over to the obsidian throne and stopped in front of it, hesitating. I took a deep breath, knowing that once I sat down that I wouldn't be going to heaven or hell anytime soon. Slowly I took my first steps towards a new life, well Death. I turned and faced the soon to be Old Death.

Before I sat down I spoke to him for one last time. "Take care."

He smiled, "You too."

When I sat down I felt a cold chill roar through my body, it felt like I was being dropped in ice cold water, I wanted to scream but no words came fourth, the intense cold lasted a few minutes before I was overtaken by a soothing warmth. I felt my senses soar through the roof and then I felt something new in my mind, like a thought that I couldn't get rid of, and for some reason I knew that I was connected to every living thing in existence. I looked at the old Death, and he smiled.

"See I told you, it's impulse, you're already doing a perfect job." he said.

I looked around the throne room and back at him, feeling my new heightened senses.

"Would you escort me to the crossroads?" he asked.

I didn't say anything I simply stood up and thought about us at the crossroads, we were there instantly and I was standing beside him. His black robes were gone and he was wearing what would be considered normal clothes back in his mortal days.

"Stay here, I want to do this alone." he said.

"Sure." I replied.

I watched as he walked up the dirt road to the two lost souls that were waiting at the crossroads, they ran to him as he neared, they embraced each other with hugs and kisses. I tried to ignore the conversation but I did hear her ask where he had been and all he had said was "I was waiting for my angel to recue me from purgatory."