Ordinary Teenage Disappointment

Look at my face.
Look at me.
Tell me what do you really see?
Because I'll tell you now,
The last thing I want to be,
Is an ordinary.

I don't want to be the
Ordinary girl with ripped jeans
The ordinary fly in the ointment.
Ordinary cliché' casualty
The ordinary peer you never knew.
Ordinary feminist machine.
The ordinary teenage disappointment.

I want to be anything but ordinary.
I want to be me & me alone.
I want to be extraordinary.
A unique tone of my own.

Bending spoons with my mind.
Healing the blind with just one touch.
Warming the homeless without rum.
Listen to the needy without talking too much.
Killing the silence with just one word.
Part the sky with the wave of my hand.
Enjoy the rain and wait for the sun.
Because no rain –no rainbow.

Don't listen to those words.
That's not what I meant.
Don't make me,
An ordinary teenage disappointment.

& Don't you dare,
Portray me as a follower.
I am a leader.
So -let's go kill some time,
& save the world today.

I refuse to be ordinary.
I refuse to be the one that's forgotten.
I reuse to be anything
but me.