Liela stood impatiently on the front door step of her grandmothers. She hated her grandmother, she never got along with her and she always hated the smell that used to eradiate from her, it was kind of like a musky, meat-pie. It disgusted her. 'Oh great now she answers it I was hoping she wasn't going to for another 3 hours.' "Grandma, how are you?" she said while trying to keep up her fake smile. She smiled wearily and waved Liela in. She wasn't looking her normal dopey happy self; she was now just looking dopey.

"Look Liela I'm not feeling to well, so could you please don't complain today?" Well there was no fun picking on an old lady when they can't fight back.

Great now she had to find something else to amuse her. "Grandma I'm going to go and investigate the place you don't like me to." I called out laughing at her drugged out reply. There was no point in listening to her since she won't be able to uphold her demands; she looked like she was going to fall asleep at any time.

The house was huge I guess that's a bonus about being at grandma's Liela got to explore and never get bored with all the different rooms. There was always one room that her Grandma wouldn't let her into, it wasn't locked or anything but it was strictly off bounds, even to Liela's mum. It used to be the room that Liela would stay in when she came to sleep over but ever since 8 years ago she hasn't even been aloud near the room. But her grandma was sick and couldn't chase after her if she went in it.

The walk to the room is quiet a long one because you have to go up 3 stair cases and down 4 halls to reach it but it was worth it, what Liela could remember of it, was that it was beautiful, the work done to it was spectacular. Her mum was an artist when she was a teenager so she painted pictures on every rooms walls but this room she took extra care in drawing the perfect picture, Then again she didn't want her room to look like crap. Liela reached out of the door knob and turned it left a bit, it had been fixed. The last time she had used it, it squeaked and took a lot of shaking to get it open. She heard some fumbling in the room she even sware she heard a curse word or two. 'What the hell, that voice sounded male.' She heard a poof sound and she walked in. No one was there everything had been used though. She looked down and saw a tiny little cat. It didn't have much of a meow but it was cute all the same. "Hey little kitty, you couldn't have been using all these things could you?" The cat hissed but Liela didn't care she just picked it up and hugged the little creature. Liela ran down the stairs quickly and ran around looking for her grandma, she searched every where looking even in the toilet, she was hoping that her grandma wasn't in the toilet but she had to check any way. "Grandma, grandma, where are you? I want to ask you a question." Usually her grandma would answer straight away but this time there was no answer. She walked into the last room she hadn't cheeked and there she was. "Hey grandma, this cat what's his name?" Liela walked close to her grandma and poked her viciously, "Grandma wake up!" She then realised that her grandmother's chest was not moving and she was cold. Liela's eyes started to well up with tears on she started sobbing loudly letting out horrible ear piercing screams. The cat jumped out of her arms and ran towards the limp old woman. He looked at the crying girl and then the dead woman. Becoming confused to which he should comfort. He jumped off the bed and ran to the sitting beside the closet wall, balling her eyes out. He meowed and jumped on her knee. She looked down and said "Mr. Kitty I'm sorry I killed you mummy, if I wasn't out being a bitch and looking in the forbidden room and stayed down with her she wouldn't be dead right now." The cat hissed as if he knew what she had said and then he suddenly started purring and snuggled into her arms. She looked closely to the little cat's neck and found a small collar. "Skids, is it? What an unusual name." After about an hour she had regained her cool and she was able to speak, she was still crying but a person would be able to understand her. She stood up knocking the sleeping cat to the floor. "Sorry Skiddies" The cat hissed at her nickname but followed closely behind her. She called the ambulance and then her mother, her mother had no time for her so she just said, stop being stupid and slammed the phone down disconnecting her distraught daughter from herself.

After finding out her mother was not going to come she rang her father who speeds all the way to her grandmother house just to be stopped by the police out the front. "Darling are you ok." Leila just stood there squeezing poor skids till he couldn't breathe. "Come Liela, we're going home."

Liela not dropping poor Skids followed slowly after her father. "Dad we are keeping Grandma's cat."

Her father looked down at Liela and said in a shocked tone, "Your grandmother was allergic to cats she would have been sneezing and coughing if a cat came near her house."

Liela looked at the small cat and thought hard to try and remember if the cat had made her grandmother sneeze. "She didn't sneeze once."