Liela laid her head on Terry and sobbed quietly to herself, "Madam are you alright?" Liela looked up and stared at the nice shop lady through tear infested eyes. She nodded twice and picked up the limp cat.

When she got home she placed him softly onto the bed and cried a little more before she fell asleep herself. Her slumber was disturbed by a slight push to her left side. "Dad I'm ok let me sleep." She opened one sleep filled eye and stared up at the slightly slumped figure. "Oh my God! Get out of my room this instant you freakish looking monster!"

She heard a slight gurgle sound and then a familiar "please don't hit me I'm kinda not in the right shape at the moment."

She looked up and cried some more, "Terry your still alive I am so glad." She jumped up and latched onto Terry's naked body.

He flinched and backed off a little, "Usually I wouldn't mind you grabbing me and holding on tight but I need patching." He smiled and pointed to his left side.

"Oh, umm… I can't." she smiled wearily and winked.

He sighed and looked down at his still bleeding wound, "I'm feeling a little dizzy." After he said that he fell flat on his face and cringed when he moved his hand away from his chest.

"Terry are you alright?" She rushed over to him and turned him around gagging at the now bigger sore. "W-w-why is I so big?" her face had turned white and her eyes where wide.

Her sat up and put his hand over his chest trying to stop it from bleeding. "Oh yeah I tried licking it, when I a hurt as a cat if I lick it, it usually stops bleeding."

She slapped him across the head but quickly realized that she shouldn't do it again for a while. "Ok, ok I will try but I am warning you I'm not too good with blood."

He smiled slyly and pointed to her sewing kit, "You will need some tweezers, Detol, a needle and some cotton… oh and preferably some water and a bandage."

Her eyes widened even more and as she picked up a small but very sharp needle she went cross eyed and felt physically ill, "Why can't we just go to the hospital?"

He turned his head to the side and raised one eye brow, "Are you stupid or something, one I don't have normal DNA and two that is exactly where they will be looking for me I need you to do it here and now."

She didn't like his smart ass remark but she followed because she knew he was being an ass hole due to the amount of pain he was in, "I have another question."

He looked up and stared her right in the eye, "yeah what is it?"

"Why aren't you dead?" Her question was blunt and straight to the point; she didn't even really think her question through properly.

"Well we are equipped with accelerated healing properties, it doesn't heal all the way through but it does stop us from dyeing to a certain extent."

She nodded and got up, "Ok I won't be long I'm just gonna go get some Detol and old sheet and some warm water." She stopped for a minute, do you want anything to bite onto or to ease the pain.

He so wanted to say yes but he knew that the last time he tried pain killers he became extremely ill. "None of that but could you please hurry I'm really tired." He tried to shift his position but ended up toppling over and hitting himself on the side of the bed.

Liela ran back in with a small rag and a bottle of Detol. "Are you alright?" He just flopped and looked up at her nodding his head twice. "I won't be long, and don't worry you can shout when you in pain dad's not here again." He nodded again and turned his head to the side letting out a huge sigh. A few minute past and Liela was back in the room setting up for the grossest moment of her life. "Please do squirm." She poured a small amount of Detol onto the now ripped up sheet, "This will sting a little." She placed the drenched rag onto Terry's chest. She knew that he wasn't going to stay still so she held the rag tight not letting it leave his chest even though Terry was trying to rip it away with every ounce of strength he had left. "Please don't make this hard." She looked at his face and saw tears running down his face his mouth was open but no sound was leaving his lips. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." She lowered her head and took the rag away from his burnt skin. His body stilted for a moment but relaxed as fast as it stiffened. While she was battling Terry to keep a rag over his chest she was sterilizing the thread, needle and tweezers. She looked at Terry who was now panting trying to get his breath back for the next horrible stage to begin. Liela looked at the tweezers and sighed heavily, "I will try to get this over and done with as quick as I can." She picked up the menacing looking object and squeezed the two ends together before piercing them into the grotesque wound. As they entered she could see thick red blood oozing over the once silver tweezers. She turned her head slightly, her free hand covered her mouth and she gulped down the small amount of vile that was about to come spurting out. She didn't realize that when she moved her head her right hand followed her head and moved the tweezers sending Terry into a fit of pain spasms. She withdrew the tweezers and put her hand behind his head. "Terry I'm sorry."

He looked up trying to keep his eyes open, "I-I-I-it's fine" he managed to stutter out before he passed out completely.

She looked at the now limp cat "damn it!" she waited about 5 minutes before she woke him; giving him a small cornflake she patted his back. "The faster I finish this the faster you can go to sleep." He nodded and braced himself, "I'm sorry but this will hurt and I will try not to move myself." She slowly jabbed the tweezers deeper and deeper into his now oozing sore. She could see that he wanted to grab her arm and wrench out the now red tweezers from his chest. He moved his arm as if to do it but lowered it when Liela perked up and shouted, "Got it!" she pulled out the bullet and a few of its pieces. She could see the relief in Terry's face when she put the bullet fragments and tweezers in a bowel of hot water. She showed Terry the wet rag before she placed it onto his skin once again. "I'm sorry" she whispered once again. Terry's eyes were so bloodshot and his face was as wet as the rag she was using to clean his injury. She let out a few tears she couldn't bear to see him like this but it was all in his good interest. "Ok Terry I'm going to patch you up now, are you ready I'm about the use the needle." She picked up her small pointed needle and thread the wet piece of cotton through the eye. She placed the needle onto his chest and felt Terry shudder but it didn't stop her even the loud scream coming from Terry didn't stop her from finishing up her sewing quickly. When she was finished she slapped a new wet rag over her handy work and placed a huge band aid over it to make sure everything stayed in place. "Good now you can turn into a cat and not worry about you bandage coming off, these things a pretty strong." She smiled.

He lent over painfully and hugged her, "Thank you." His voice was raspy and sounded exhausted. He grabbed a hold of her shoulders to help him sit himself up.

"No problem you would do the same thing for me, won't you?"

He smiled and closed his eyes a bit. "Liela would you please come a little closer to me?"

She shuffled a little closer to him just to be meet by his lips being placed onto hers, it took a second for her to react but when she did she pushed him back and flung herself to a standing position, when she opened her eyes she realized that Terry was now sleeping. She chuckled to herself "I will get him back later" she leant over and softly picked up the small cat now sprawled across her floor. "It's going to be alright." She placed him onto her bed as she laid down beside him. "Sleep well my hopeless kitty."