-smudge of you-

I can't see through to your heart

is it tucked safely in between the shadows?

where were you when it slipped through your fingers

like glittering water

gleaming as if bounced off the grounds

and splattered against your jeans?

you say there's no existence of love

to enter your heart

—the only thing that keeps you alive

where were you when you fell

like broken glass and exploded hearts

where were you when you shattered?

did you protect your heart?

there's only a piece of you left

blurred and distorted through all of the memories

that cling to my empty mind, my vacant heart

can I say I'm sorry

will you be there when I utter those words?

can I be there when you find love

and can I be there when you get your first dance

that first girl you'll kiss

I'll dance with joy

like you're not dancing now

will you be there when you find yourself?

can I be there?

A/N: For someone. No, I don't like him, and no, I don't think I ever will. And I'm sorry for that. And I hope he finds someone. He doesn't even know how bad I feel ever since I told him. ( you'll find someone amazing )