All a charming playboy, a responsible businessman, a workaholic decorator, an unlucky artist and an overachieving teenager have in common is the fact they're all part of the same family.

Segment One – One On One
Jethro allowed his fiancée to do things her way when planning their wedding ceremony, but he really couldn't accept those silly cake figurines. Maybe that's why, two days before the date, he's asking himself if there's still going to be a party after all.

Segment Two – Funny About Love
Sweden didn't mind being borderline invisible at her posh private boarding school, reason why she doesn't know how to handle the gossip that ensues when she gets the attention of the hottest guy around and catches the eyes of their rival's favorite player.

Segment Three – The Devil Is A Woman
Jonah's ex-girlfriend has just gotten back to town and he plans to get her back with an elaborate seduction plot, which goes horribly wrong when his sister's eccentric best friend shows up on his doorstep.

Segment Four – The Baby Who Wasn't There
Holland had never seriously thought of having children, so she freaks out when the pregnancy test turns pink. Luckily, she has a nosy sister-in-law intent on proving that Holland is just right for the 'mother material' tag.

Segment Five – Something To Believe In
Jayden finds out that her latest boyfriend is actually another cheating scumbag and decides to rule men off of her life forever – or for as long as she can resist the charms of the biggest womanizing dickhead she knows, who just so happens to be the sexiest creature to grace the face of Earth (after Brad Pitt, of course).