"Terrie, Terrie wake up, wake up, we get to go on camp today. Wake up!" Terrie opened her large brown eyes and blinked twice.

"Tarlar it's 5 in the morning, go back to sleep."

Tarlar lent over Terrie and smiled, "What happens if a vampire shows up hey?"

Terrie jumped out of bed and landed gracefully onto the floor. "You said Vampire, where, where is that blood thirsty bastard?"

Tarlar just laughed and shrugged, "Beats if I know I was just speaking hypothetically."

"Oh, don't give me a fight like that again; by the way pack my suitcase." Terrie didn't think twice about asking such an annoying request or flopping back into her bed.

"What about no? I have already packed mine you should have done it yesterday; I am doing your dirty work for you. I'm going to go see Liam."

"You and your boyfriend what's he going to do when you're gone?" Tarlar walked out of the room leaving Terrie with her duties.

When the sun had actually arose Terrie was just finished. "Tarlar I'm done."

Tarlar looked at Terrie and laughed at her scruffy friend, "Terry was there ever a time where you used to look after yourself and did you hair?"

"Once, but that was a long time ago."

"Tarlar baby don't leave." Liam came whining up to Tarlar and slid down her arm. "Baby please I will get so bored without you."

"Stop groveling a new student is starting today be nice to him and keep amused by talking to him ok."

The bus left no later the 7 "So dude what are you going to do?"

Liam looked at his friend slyly. "Actually get laid." Both the boys walked off and laughed together.

The first class they had was English. "Hello my little rotters we have a new student joining us today, Meet Kyle Rowen." The teacher leant over and opened the door letting a young pale boy with glasses through.

"H…h…hi I'm K, K, K, Kyle" His head was lowered at all times. His greasy brown hair covered his face as he walked to the desk next to Liam.

"Hey Douche, you retarded or something?"

"No!" Kyle's answer was very direct and quite confident.

"What did you just say to me punk?"

"N, nothing," Kyle's personality had changed once again. Liam was confused he didn't know if Kyle was a spineless little nerd or a normal person.

When lunch had come round Kyle sat on the ground next to the library. "Hey Kyle you loner what are you doing here."

Kyle looked up and sighed, "Its dark here not much sun."

"You don't like the sun, what kind of weirdo is like that." Liam was very wound up today and he didn't know why there was something about this kid that he just didn't like. Without thinking he rose his arm and took a swing at Kyle, not expecting the nerd in front of him to grab his arm and move it so Liam was now hitting himself in the face. "What is with you, do you get off on bashing people you think are weaker then you." Kyle stood up and released his grip on the now hurt bully. Before Kyle walked off he kicked Liam in the side a few times and spat on his face. "Don't ever let me see you hitting any one of trying to hit me." Kyle wasn't expecting any one to try to take a swing at him on the first day. 'What am I thinking?' He shielded his eyes from the sun light and walked into a nearby class room.

That day at sport Kyle did a quarter of the lesson but sat out the rest of it reading a strange book from an unknown author. "What are you reading fuck face?" Kyle frowned at the rude remark from the cocky young man he had beaten that morning. He lifted the book up and showed the front cover. "How to kill a werewolf. Are you screwed in the head or something?"

"No I just like the writing and the pictures, do you have a problem with that?" The way Kyle had said his sentence sent a shiver down Liam's spine.

When they hit the showers Liam leant over the cubical and was meet by Kyle rapping a towel around his waist. "Wow you buff for a nerd."

Kyle looked down and stared at his chest from the bottom of his eye. "Not really." His voice was emotionless but he perked up when Liam walked into his cubical.

"No really I don't think you're a nerd at all."

Kyle blushed and walked out looking for his clothes. "That's a change in tune from this morning."

"What?" Liam followed him.

"I guess you don't want to bash me now." Kyle looked over his shoulder and smiled but quickly stopped and put his hand over his right eye.

'Did I just see his eye change colours? Nah it must be my imagination.' "What's wrong?"

He looked up whipping his eye. "My contact fell out."

Liam widened his eyes and laughed, "But you wear glasses why do you need contacts?"

"Actually I don't need glasses." Kyle smiled and put his arms in the air "You caught me out."


"I'm actually a bit of a goof I decided I needed a new image and a new start so I decided to go to the new school and change my appearance all the time you know so I can be friends with everyone." He winked and smiled even wider "It's the perfect plan."

Liam backed off a little and laughed wearily, "You're an odd one, aren't you?"

Kyle winked again "Yeah but I can kick your ass." Liam couldn't come back with anything for that remark so he just laughed and nodded.

A week had passed and Kyle had changed his personality and look 5 times the first day he was a stuttering nerd with greasy brown hair, the next a jock with black hair, then a clown with black and blonde hair, then a emo with black hair again, the day after that he decided to stay with the dark look and became a Goth. This day on the other hand he decided to become an average looking guy with messy blonde hair. "Kyle your always dyeing you hair doesn't it kill it off?"

Kyle looked at Liam and laughed. "Nope my hair is already dead, so I can't kill it off any more can I?"

Liam just laughed and looked Kyle in the eye. "Hey mate I want to introduce you to my girl, she's coming back from a camp today."

Kyle smiled but didn't lift his head from his work, "Sure."

After school had finished Liam walked to the front gate closely followed by Kyle. "Liam baby I had so much fun!" Tarlar said launching herself from the bus.

"You're very lively today." He turned around to face Kyle with Tarlar hanging off him, "Kyle this is Tarlar, Tarlar this is Kyle, the new guy."

"Wow his really cute, can I have one?"

"Tarlar he isn't a pet."

She smiled and jumped off Liam turning around to help Terrie with her things. When Terrie walked off the bus she stopped dead in her tracks and stared right at Kyle. "Who's this?" her question was blunt and not very warm.

"Oh this is Kyle…PST Kyle don't worry about her she's a bitch." Kyle smiled and nodded his head not taking his eyes off Terrie.

"Well I gotta go I have a special art class in five nice to meet you Tarlar and Terrie." As Kyle left his eyes still watched Terrie.

"Oh I just remembered I gotta go to I told my teacher that I would meet him when I got back." Terri quickly grabbed her bag and ran off in the same direction as Kyle.

"Well that was odd." Tarlar nodded in agreement.

Behind a huge white building Terrie caught up with Kyle. "Kyle is it?" Kyle turned around quickly and acted surprised to see her standing there. Terrie launched at him and pinned the boy to the wall.

"Wow you're strong." He gave off a smart ass smile. Terrie started to bash his head into the wall, as she was reaching into her bag. Kyle placed his hand on hers and whispered, "None of that now."

Terrie looked up with one tear in her right eye. "Kairow I thought I killed you!"