And I kept believing
Trusting myself, not listening
To my friends and all your other friends

I had faith in you
Believed something good would come from you
That behind those devil eyes
Behind that disguise
Was the perfect guy for me

I stood up for you
Never let anyone talk sht 'bout you
Gave you my all, my everything
Wished that someday you'd turn back
And recognize me, say hi to me,
Understand the love I have in me
For you, I love you honey

It took a rainy night
Nonstop showers from the sky
That my eyes cleared up and
I saw for the first time in my life
The monster you are
When you tried to drown me
In my pain, rejected me
My love note you ripped right in front of me

Do you not see?
How perfectly we were meant to be.
But it's alright
Because now I truly see
No regrets, no hard feelings.
I'm over you.

There are more fish in the sea
Better looking that you.
So let me step off this edge
And swim with them.
Forget you.
I wish I never liked you.