A/N: Well, I have written a poem about how I can't even get a guy. How nice. Not really. I really tried to put my feelings in it and if you think it sucks than that's what you think. I don't care. If you love it than thanks very much. I appreciate it. I know this may seem like another pathetic poem about guys and how "desperate" we are, but whatever. If you agree that my poem is pathetic and unoriginal. Than say "aye". If you said "aye" than, up yours... Please message, I wrote this poem out of the blue and it took 3 minutes... I'm not kiddin. Anyway, no flames please and I hope you enjoy my poem a little bit at least. Contact me at yahoo or email me if you'd like. Chow for now...it's spelled wrong but it rhymes... so who cares! Man this is long...

Painful Happiness

Your laughter softened my face
Your smile brightened my day
Your warmth filled me
Your look smothered me with hope
Your touch brought me closer to happiness
Only you gave me a reason to live

You were everything to me
But i was always marked "don't touch"
Everything you made me happy with,
You gave to someone else
Never me...

How can I know the effect you have on me?
I can't... I can only long for you
Dreams can only satisfy me for so long...
Images are nothing to the real thing
And the real thing, I will never have
Thank you... for letting me feel pain
because while I have felt pain, I have also felt happiness