"Ahh ha ha ha!" I cried, blasting another opponent into pixels. I was in arena five. Arena, freaking, five!

For those of you, who must be most of you, that are confused, this is a video game. I, tag named Crack 5, am a regional champ. Arena one through seven were the world championship arenas. Seven was the highest level of arena's, and to even make it to arena one was a great honor. It didn't just take skill to get in. Judges of the high order would examine your profile and then would decide whether or not to admit you. I was placed in arena one by using my… contacts.

Gideon, or game heaven, is the game. A combined collection of every game in history put together, games are no longer made to be played, but to be added to Gideon. A near infinite universe, a champion must be a master of every game, from the archaic games like Mario, to the ultra realistic lands of FF27.

Games have been like this for at least 200 years, after the announcement of Video games as an official Olympic sport. 200 years ago the Bluebrain was developed. A sort of Bluetooth for the brain. Schools were eliminated, teaching becoming as simple as a download process. 190 years ago, Gideon, at first a combination of two simple and relatively unknown games, was the first to use Bluebrain as a link to the video game world. This game world has expanded to the size of the net. Estimated to be twenty million times the size of the net, it has become an alternate world to our own. Many people enter stasis and live their entire lives in this world called Gideon.

70 years ago, after the first of the stasis entrants, the United World Government conducted a special experiment in cloning, which is only legally allowed to be used for the creation of animals. The UWG waved these laws and created five children. These children were put immediately into stasis and raised completely in a private LAN in Gideon. The children grew up and actually tried to have children of their own. Not knowing what to do, the UWG cloned more children and entered them into the LAN. The clones grew more and more powerful, until they broke out of the LAN and into the Gideon world. The UWG tried to stop them, but they were to smart. They adapted and blackmailed the UWG, using themselves. The UWG stood back as the clones took over Gideon, the game worlds first terrorists in Gideon. The people of the world, using the powers of the Gideon world, destroyed the minds of the clones. Never had the game ever been able to cause death. The clones, or what was left of them, disappeared. The facility they were kept in was destroyed, but it's rumored that they still survive as ghosts on the vast backgrounds of Gideon. Some went so far as to say the High Council is made up of these clones, called the Gideon Babies, but I doubt it. The UWG (which now stands for United Worlds of Gideon) is to secure for that.

Me, I'm not one of these clones. Hate to disappoint if you thought that. I'm not a clone, but like the clones, I was born into Gideon. I have never seen my true face (although I assume it looks like mine). My parents, both hooked up to Gideon, had me in during a brief time they were out of Gideon. The second I was born the Bluebrain was hooked up and I opened my eyes for the first time ever to the world of Gideon.

My name is Greg Sanders, Better known as Crack 5, wanted Hacker and cyber terrorist.

I returned from battle 12 of the arena five finals. Only one battle left until I move up into the absolute death match between me, and by popular belief, an avatar (Gideon representation of a persons true self.) named Tr1ton. I could beat him easy. Winning the death match would grant me a super weapon. There are eight types of weapon in Gideon. One: World Weapons, they can do damage in friendly battles, and can be used in self defense against hackers. They don't do much though. Two: Arena one weapons, they can only be used in arena one, and have been known to be powerful enough to cause numbness to person hit with one. Three: Arena two weapons, known to cause migraines to victims. Four: Arena three, causes bad cramps to victims. Five: Arena four, causes nausea. Six: Arena five weapons (which I have), can knock out victims. Seven: Super weapons, can immediately delete avatars and some environmental features. Eight: Hyper weapons, these babies belong to the elite of gamers, and can kill. Use of these is strictly left to use for Gideon security. Any hacker that poses a threat to Gideon's integrity can become victims of these weapons. Winning in arena seven not only means ultimate gamer status, but enlistment to the Gideon Coalition. Lower gamers can join, but level sevens become the generals, admirals, captains, and supreme commanders of the Coalition. The only thing higher ranking than level sevens are members of the High council, which have been there for as long as Gideon, rumored to be the downloaded minds of the creators. Its never been proved of course.

My apartment, located in Sim City 3345 #22, was my own personal domain. The great thing about the video game world was the lack of laws of nature. My apartment was a small private island complete with mansion and tropical beach inhabited by many beautiful bikini clad women. They were Bots, of course, but who cares? I won the apartment during a regional championship. I won without a single point loss. First perfect score in the competition history.

I had been living alone since I was 12, when I won my first competition. In any case, I could visit my parents any time, I had a link to their place near one of my lagoons.

Natasha, one of my many…assistants, greeted me as I entered through the apartment door.

"Hello sir, did you win your match today?" She had a gorgeous smile on her face, and she was wearing an outfit that she knew I liked. Jeans and a black t-shirt. I live in a fantasy world, after 15 years, it can be nice to have some normality.

"Hey Nats," I said, handing her my pack and removing my helmet. "Yeah, I won."

"What game was it this time?"

"An ancient one, from the archives. Caught me off guard, but I remembered playing a remake once, so I managed. I think it was called… 'Halo' or 'Hello' or some other thing like that."


"Yeah, and like I said, archaic. I mean, the movements were stiff and I had to control a ghost (a Bot being controlled by an avatar). There were nine others, 'slayer' mode, meaning kill anything that walks." I said, while walking with her through the gardens towards the mansion.

"Sounds like you had a very long day."

"Nah, you know how it is. After a good day all I can do is point out the bad parts. The game was awesome. I'm sure it was the best of its time. Sure, it was no Demonith, but it was pretty good for an archive game. I may just request a few of its maps." We reached the mansion and two butlers, who I called Fred and Phil, opened the doors for us. They didn't have speech or interaction subroutines, but I tried anyway. Maybe they would get emergent behavior or something.

"Fred, Phil, nice day we're having isn't it?" They stared straight ahead and said nothing. I shrugged and walked in. Natasha followed closely behind. I collapsed onto a sofa. Natasha bowed and left to take my things away. Despite the games poor graphics, I liked the armor. Very… well, armor like. I especially liked the helmet, with just a plain reflective visor. None of the elaborate headdresses that other games made you wear. Those things could never stay on right.

"House, save memory and enter sleep." I said. I watched as the world around me reduced to code, then everything went dark as I slept dreamlessly.