Raindrops lash against shattered windows

Allowing a glimpse of the tortured soul within

Plip Plop

Splattering on the cold, unforgiving tile


Crimson and iridescent in the piercing moonlight

Oozes from fresh gashes

On a criss-cross background of thin, white scars

Pale white plaid in a pool of red

Drip Drop

Plip Plop

Rivulets of blood pool on the floor

Making swirls dance as it mingles with the streams of agony-filled tears

Slick tiles

Sea of red on black

Yet no one can see

No one knows

The torment within

The hurt

The pain

A heart being slashed

Scars that do not show on the surface

Just cold, unforgiving indifference is visible

No one cares

The excruciating tears at midnight

Each screaming of loss

Can't go through this again

Can't live this way

Can't end this misery

New scars

New wounds

Fresh pain

Wounded, vulnerable, open