All in a Bowl of Milk

Crumbs swirl from drops off my Oreo

Chocolate thick on the bottom

Oils from my fingers on top

Eww, gross

But I munch on anyways

And I think

What would it like to be a crumb?

Swirling in milk

Little swirl designs all around

The designs remind me of the Milky Way

Sparkling with stars eons old

Slowly swirling

But around nothing

There is no center

But isn't there?

And are we really the only ones out there?

Standing on this planet

Are we truly alone?

That just can't be

Quadrillions of light years away

There has to be someone

Wondering the same thing

Or is there?

There's nothing that says it's probable

But nothing says it's impossible either

Yet again

If they were more advanced than us...

Wouldn't they have found us already?

Maybe they have...

Ugh, that creeps me out

But what if...

What if we HAVE found other life forms?

We just don't recognize them to be

Such big questions hurt my head

Too much speculation

And why am I babbling like this in my own head?

No one can argue me anyways

And all these thoughts came

From a simple bowl of milk