Hello Okay, here's my first poem on this site. Please tell me how it went. Thanks for reading!


Dusk to Dawn

By: Disenchanted Light

From dusk to dawn,

The romance is still there.

It cannot be bought,

It cannot be stopped.

It exists as the day ends,

As the sunset casts its crimson rays

To the ethereal feeling,

And as the night withers away

The carnation would come into full bloom.

It is the sun

That engulfs the Earth with its pure warmth.

It is the moonlight

That guides one out of the lonely shade.

It cannot be tamed,

It cannot be forced.

It should be out of pure illusions,

Fantasies mixed with reality.

It is an ineffable emotion,

That can only be described by luminous eyes,

Hopefully not by blanched pupils.

Cast it out of infatuation,

And call it loveā€¦


Thanks for reading once again!