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I still love you...Even if it hurts.

Will you hold me tight?
Just for a moment, just for now?
You don't know me,
But I know you... Too well.
You don't see me, watching from a far.
Though I see you very well.
Once I said, 'I love you'
The confidence was shattered, like a glass, with a 'No'
Going out those doors, never seeing you again.
Thinking I was over you, in time.
Yet, why? Does your image hunts me so?
& yet here I am thinking of you.
Eating ice cream and cookies,
You walked away from me and moved on.
At the end of the day that I realized.
That I can stand on my own feet!
There you were! Standing in front of me!
What joy I felt when I saw you again!
And the joy whithered away.
When my gaze turned to a deathly glare.
There you were... With a girl.
So gentle... So caring... So tender... To her.
My heart was torn apart, shattered and stepped on!
Just the image of you talking to her.
Hurted so much.
I didn't know why.
I just couldn't stand it!
I guess, that I lied... I was never over you.
Even if I wanted to.
I still love you.