or is it
carelessness thrown around with a little bit of truth
cellophane memories of a time when you loved me
(I was only okay because I had you)
biting and holding onto the buildup of screams
(If I scream I fail & to fail is worse than death) nobody likes a failure
plunging knife into my bloodstream
make m baby make me
Cant you see whats become of you and me
shredded petals line the floor from a time when we were paranoid
that we'd run out of time to be together but
now your actions speak louder than your words
I can feel your subconscious kill me
me apart
death from the love of heart
I beg you please forgive me for whatever I did wrong
We've turned into another cliché heartbreak lovesong
so beautifully potent but we're both wrong
superficially yours superficially mine
timed ending to our lives