There is so much to remember

And so much to forget

I fear I won't live long enough

But I'll take what I can get

I know the day will come

When it all fades away

I just fear to lack the memories

Not living all I can live

Not giving all I can give

That's why I write it down

Put it all in paper

'Cause all the moments I live

Are a piece of me

Whether I'm really happy

Or feeling really blue

What really matters

Is that I keep going

The Earth keeps spinning

I must leave my mark

I am in such a rush

To live it all

That I break and fall

Too many times.

Or I don't live at all

I stare at others

Watching time go by

'Cause I don't know how

Just to get a live

To make it last

To let go of the past

So I wait here for someone

Who will show me how

To live now

And remember it tomorrow.