School for the Gifted.

I lived with my mom, in the city. I went to a normal school, had normal friends…There was only one thing. I had powers. Elemental powers. Mom hates those powers, one night, it got out of control…

"Get out! You're sick! You…You don't belong!" My mother yelled out our city apartment door, pushing me out into the unusually cold night.

Tears filled out my now orange eyes. I turned around, and I saw a woman. She wore a cloak, and motioned for me come. I was scared and my eyes tear filled, I just went with her.

"Child, tell me your name." She said, her voice was kind.

"IhmReneehmhanm." I said, through tears.

"Hm? I didn't quite catch that." The woman said.

"I-I'm Renee, ma'am." I mumbled.

"Yes, Renee. I am Headmistress Konan." She said. "You are invited to my school, for gifted children."

"Like me? Magic?" I asked, wiping tears from my now normal brown eyes.

"Yes." She said, and touched my light brown hair. She closed her eyes, and we were in front of a school.

The school was made of stone, it had high towers, and it looked like a college. There was a fence around it. The front lawn was green. Then I noticed it was on a hill above the city. The sky was clear and you could see stars. On the front lawn, I saw students shuffling for night classes, outside. Some people were transforming, some were shooting fireballs, and some were reading books.

"Wow…" I murmured.

"Yes, yes. Now, lets see your room." She said, and pushed me along on to a hall. We then stood in front of room 133. "This is your room." She said, and showed me inside.

Inside, there were two beds. The room was long, and there was a window at the end, where you could climb out onto the roof. There were little nightstands beside the beds. The bed near the door was taken, it was unmade, and books piled up on top of it. Make-up lay on the stand. There was one large dresser with a mirror. There were two small closets.

"Where is my room mate?" I asked.

"Right here!" A voice squeaked.

Behind the pile of books, was a small girl. She had pink hair, and pink eyes. Her skin was rosy like petals. She had on a dress, which cut off at the ends like petals. She had bare feet, but at the side of her bed were brown sandals. The most noticeable on her was two large pink fairy wings.

"H-hi." I muttered, I looked so…plain Jane in my black jeans and orange tee.

"Hello!" She squealed, flying over and shaking my hand. "My name is April." She said.

"I'm Renee." I replied. She nodded, and let go of my hand.

"I'll let you settle in. Your clothes have been transported to the closet. Your toiletries are in the bathroom." The Headmistress said, and left.

"So, how old are you?" I asked April.

"I'm twelve." She replied. "You?"

"I'm seventeen." I replied.

"Oh!" She squealed.

Right then, a boy, around my age burst in. He had reddish brown hair, and large green eyes. He wore a black short sleeve shirt, and blue skater jeans. He had a swishing fox tail. On top of his head, were orange fox ears. He was a quite a few inches taller than me.

"April! Where'd you put my book?!" He demanded.

"Oh! Avery! Hey, er…your book….was taken by Grey." She muttered.

"What!? April, you are a frickin' idiot!" He yelled at her.

April's eyes filled up with tears. The boy, Avery, rolled his eyes.

"You're also a baby." He muttered.

April turned to me. "Y-you should look around and junk. Don't pay attention to Avery." She said.

Avery's attention was pulled to me. His brown eyes seemed curious, and they were so big and cute. Even if his face didn't show a lot of being curious.

"You are?" He asked.

"Renee." I said.

"My name is Avery Julian Quicker." He said, sticking his hand out.

I shook it, with a kind smile. April snorted.

"Julian…" She muttered, holding back laughter.

"You shut up!" He yelled at April, clenching his fists.

"Why?" She asked in a taunting way.

"Because if you don't, you'll have a broken nose soon." He growled.

"O-oh…" She muttered, curling up into a ball, studying again.

I began to wonder around the room, and peeked into drawers and closets. I opened the window, and felt the breeze. Then I felt Avery tap me on the shoulder.

"You living with April now?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I guess." I said. "I mean, I just got here, I was rushed, so, I'm really out of it." I said.

"Get some sleep then." He said, as he began walking out.

"Wait!" I called out, grabbing his shoulder, he turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He asked.

"Do we have classes tomorrow?" I asked, he shook his head, and I cocked mine.

"Just follow me, or April. It'll work out." He said, and walked out.

I lay down, and pulled the covers over my body, and drifted off to sleep. Then, in the morning, I felt soft hands, shaking me by my arms.

"Wake up! Get your frickin butt up!" I recognized Avery's voice. Wait a minute…

"Why the heck are you in my room!?" I demanded, jerking up.

"Just get up." He said, glaring a bit, and then I noticed April nodding franticly.

I jumped out of bed. "For what?" I asked, slipping off my shirt, not realizing a guy was in there. Avery closed his eyes, and my face went red, as well as his.

"C'mon, hurry up Renee." He muttered, embarrassed. At least he wasn't staring.

I just changed my shirt and I followed them. Then, I saw a large, muscular guy. He glared at Avery, whose eye's filled with fear. He grabbed April and me, and pulled us into the closest closet. (Haha). He was pressed against me, and April was curled up to him it was so small.

"Who's that?" I whispered.

"Grey." He replied, and put his finger to his lips.

"I thought…you seemed strong." I said.

"I am…He's just stronger…" He growled.

"Oh…I didn't mean to offend you or…" I began, he shook his head.

"Don't mind it." He said, and I heard the large guy leave.

"Let's go." He said, and slipped out.

I followed; we went into a large room, packed with students. It was great, I saw people who had wands, animal features, wings, fiery hands. The headmistress was at the front of the room. She clapped her hands, making everyone look up. I saw her smile.

"Welcome students. I wanted you here to show you your new schedules and classmates." She said, and everyone began to chatter. "This time, you will be separated into groups, I will choose." She added, and everyone seemed to cross their fingers that they were with their friends. The headmistress turned to a teacher, who began to read the lists.

"Group One…" She said, and read off the names, I wasn't in it, but I was in the next one.

"Group Two:" Another teacher read.

In group two, there was,









Chase S.,(a girl)

Chase G.,(A boy)



I smiled at Avery. "I guess we're together." I said. He nodded, and watched as April was sorted into group three.

The headmistress pointed to a corner. "Group one there." She said. "Choose a name in your corners, and a motto." She added, and pointed where group two was.

Avery and I walk over, and we were introduced to the rest. Shana was a girl with a short blonde shoulder length cut, and the bright green eyes, she had a wand. Kimi had black hair, down to her waist, and it was up in a ponytail, she had black eyes and foreign skin. She had wings like April, hers were red. Rory had her hair up in dark brown pigtails, and she had blue eyes. She was physic. Tom had short dark brown hair, he had brown eyes. He had brown dog ears. Forest had dirty blonde hair, that was really short. He had a wind elemental power. Kayleb had blonde hair that came down longer, and flipped out. He was Forest's twin, and had the same power. Chase the girl had flaming red short hair, and green eyes. She was a fire thrower. Chase the boy, had black hair, and hazel eyes. He could see the future. Yuri had chestnut hair, and brown eyes. She was Rory's physic partner. Arnold had red hair, and dork glasses, he was really smart and had powers like me.

"So, what should our name be?" Forest asked.

"Ooh! Ooh!" Kimi said in a hyper way.

"What?" He replied.

"The tacos!" She squealed, I smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

"Ah…hmm…" He considered this.

"I like it." Shana pitched in.

Avery shook his head, with a laugh. Rory giggled. The others nodded.

"That's settled, we're The Tacos." Forest said. "Now a motto!"

"The all powerful and sexy! With cheese!" I said, happily.

Kimi laughed. "I like you!" She said.

Avery clutched his fists and grinned. "The sexy part is me, you're the cheese." He said, Rory slapped his head.

"You wish, fox-boy." She said.

"Ooh, bring it on psycho." He grinned.

"No fighting!" Kayleb said, waving his hands to break it up.

"Do we got a motto?" Forest asked, everyone nodded, with a laugh.

The headmistress asked the fist team what they were. They were The Brainstormers. They're motto was, "Smart with a capital Q". She then asked us, I had been picked to say it.

"We're The Tacos!" I said, hyperly.

"Your motto?" She asked, with a smile.

"The all powerful and sexy! With cheese!" Kimi announced.

The headmistress raised an eyebrow at the "sexy" part. The other students laughed.

"Okay." She said, and scribbled it down.

The third team was The Flying Pigs. They're motto was, "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same." It was pretty great.

After the team thing, a girl was flippy hair, and too much make-up came up to us.

"Hey Forest. Hey Tacos." She said, and began to flirt with Forest.

Then, the headmistress handed us class schedules and told us we could goof off for the rest of the day. That seemed pretty great. Goofing off.

"Renee?" Rory asked, tapping my shoulder, I turned around.


"I think Avery likes you. Like a friend. That's rare. He has two friends already. And he's been here for three years. Tom and April." She said. "And now you."

I smiled, that comforted me. I smiled warmly, and his hand touched my shoulder, and I turned around.

"Renee, c'mon, let's go find April." He said, and took my hand.

We found April talking to one of her friends, she spotted us, said bye to her friend, and rushed over.

"You guys want to get some food or something?" She asked. Avery nodded hungrily. "C'mon, my treat." She added, and we ran to what seemed to be a lunchroom, and into a little coffee shop and got some doughnuts and some coffee.

"This is good, thanks, April" He said, taking a doughnut.

I nodded, eating one. Then I looked around. No one else was here.

"Something wrong Renee?" April asked me.

"Nah, I'm just…bored." I replied.

"I have an idea." Avery said, motioning for us to come, we threw our stuff away, and followed Avery.

Avery took us outside to the grounds, and I got to see it for real in the light. On the side of the grounds, was a large, beautiful, sparkling lake. There was a big, (and I mean big), tree beside that. A tall fence surrounded the school. It was black with a strange design on the front, and a sign, which had our school's motto, "Music in your power, and power in your music." I didn't really didn't get it. I looked over at Avery who had a childish smile on his face. April sighed dreamily.

"Isn't it beautiful?" She asked.

"It's breath-taking." I muttered.

Avery smiled. "Told ya." He said. Then motioned for us to come to the lake. "Come, stare right at the middle, and you'll see somethin' special." He said. I stared. Right then, he pushed me into the lake.

"Avery!" I shouted to him, soaking, as he pushed April too. I moved wet hair out of my eyes. And he was up in my face.

"Like the lake?" He asked, innocently. I splashed him in the face. He slipped off his shirt, and lay swimming on his back. April pushed him down into the lake.

I laughed…then…I thought about my mom. What was she doing now, I mean, I was having fun, and she was mad, and was wondering where I was, I always came back…I had no idea why, I was happy, but tears ran down my face, and Avery swam over to me.

"What's up?" He asked.

"I…I…My mom…I mean…" I stuttered.

April looked concerned. "Renee, please, don't cry. I miss my dad sometimes, but…I deal, I mean, you could go visit, it's a goof off day." She said, and I considered the last one. I nodded.

"I'm gonna go." I said, and got out and didn't even change my clothes. I ran out the to the road. I passed all the old buildings….

I reached my house and knocked on the door. My mom answered. She had short red hair. She wore a green ratty sweater over a white tee shirt. She also wore blue jeans and no shoes. Her eyes brightened when she saw me.

"Renee." She smiled.

"Mom." I said, and she swept me in a hug. "Mom. There's this school." I started, and she backed away and raised an eyebrow.

"School?" She asked

"Yes. A school for people with powers like me." I replied, and I felt Avery tap my shoulder.

"Renee! So this is your house…" He began.

"Avery! W-what!? People can see your ears!" I gasped, horror stricken.

"Heh. It's okay. They can say whatever about me." He replied. My mom gasped.

"A…fox boy?" She asked.

I nodded. "This is Avery." I replied, smiling, she just shook her head.

"You come home to tell me that you found a school to live at…with a boy!?" She shouted. Avery shivered.

"No! I want to go the school! It's a boarding school. I…love it!" I argued. My mom huffed.

"You! You can do whatever you want! You don't belong to me anymore! Y-you belong to this boy! This school! Whatever idiots would take you! The boy! The boy!" She screamed, and pushed me at Avery, who caught me.

"Listen lady! You'll feel angry with yourself after a few days! And the school will have her! And me!" Avery shouted, I covered my ears and began to cry, this was just like the fighting that my mom and my dad used to do before my dad left. Avery put his arm around my shoulder as my mom slammed the door.

"It's okay, Renee…" He muttered, and I noticed he'd never been this nice. We began to walk back. When we got back, April hurried us inside.

"We should go explore!" She said. Avery nodded, and I wiped some of my tears and agreed.

We looked through the girl and boys locker rooms. We looked in the library and the classes. We even peeked in some dorms. We looked at the sports field. By the time we were done, it was time to sleep.

"Well, G'night." Avery said.

"G'night, Avery." I replied and I rushed off to bed.

I was having the weirdest dream about llamas, when a the ringing sound of April's alarm sounded. I jumped up and began to get dressed. April smiled at me, she was already ready. We rushed out, April waved bye as she ran to her group. I saw Avery leaned up against the wall, his arms crossed.

"You guys are frickin' slow." He said.

"Hmph." I replied, as we began to walk to homeroom.

When we got there, a teacher was at the front. He was drool worthy. He had dark hair, that swept his face into a perfect frame. His dark eyes were sexy. He wore a tie and a button up, but he wore it un-tucked. He wore black pants. Avery looked a bit jealous, as the girls stared. Then a girl nudged another, and they both waved in a cute way at Avery, who rolled his eyes.

"Ave, you WANT them to do that." I whispered to him.

"Yeah, yeah, why does it matter." He muttered, and took a seat, and I slid into the one next to that. I giggled.

The teacher got up. "Hello. I'm Mr. Quicker." He said. Everyone turned around and stared at Avery, and noticed something else about Mr. Quicker, he had dark fox ears on his head. And a dark fox tail. He smiled.

"Yes, Avery is my son." He said.

Avery's face became exceptionally red. Girls began to whisper things like, "They're both sexy!" and "So that's where Avery gets it!". I just stared, and looked between the two. They had the same body structure, tall and thin.

"Mr. Quicker?" a girl asked, raising her hand.

"Yes miss…?" He asked.

"Chase." She replied. "But, do you think you could get me and Avery…together?" She asked, and everyone giggled, and Avery rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest and sank down in his chair.

"Hmm…maybe, my boy is picky." He replied, with a smile. I watched as Avery's face became shades of red that I was sure hadn't been invented yet. I touched his shoulder and he swatted me off.

"My stupid frickin' dad." He muttered.

Mr. Quicker went up to the board. He wrote his name. And wrote the subject. It read,

Mr. Quicker

The Tacos: Homeroom, Magic Control.

Lesson One: Using Magic

I read it over and over, before Mr. Quicker told us to open our books.

"Miss Thomas? Please read the first paragraph." Mr. Quicker said.

"Yes, sir." I replied, and began to read. "Magic is a power, within you, that you hold. Everyone has magic in them, they just cannot control it enough to release it. You students can. You just need to control it better then you can now. In this book, you will learn how to control your…e…e…" I stumbled on the last word.

Mr. Quicker smiled. "Ethrouinm" He answered. "Kimi, read the next paragraph."

Kimi nodded. "Ethrouinm is the use of magic energy. You gather it inside you, concentrate, and release it. This is what you will be learning the next lesson; Magic Releasing." She said.

The rest of the time, we spent talking about rules. Stupid school rule things. Then we left for our next class; Gym. We had to wear gym clothes. Black shorts and a short sleeve tee shirt with the school logo on it. I went into the locker room, and slipped it on. As soon as I got out, I noticed Avery was the first one out. He seemed to like Gym class.

"What are we doin' today?" He asked the teacher.

"Well Mr. Quicker, dodge ball probably." The teacher, Mrs. Camron replied.

"Dodge ball is fun." I piped up, Avery turned around.

"Hey, Renee." He said.

"Well, well, a new student. Renee is it?" She asked, I nodded.

"Yep." Avery said.

Some students came in, and the teacher announced we were going to play dodge ball. I wasn't on Avery's team, I was on the opposite side.

He spotted a ball. "Heh! Awesome! Dodge ball!" He exclaimed, grabbing one. People began to walk out, and Mrs. Footer lined balls up in the middle of the gym, she separated the sides with cones, and sent two runners to push the balls onto their own sides.

The runners swept the balls to their own sides. I picked up a ball and threw it over the other side, hoping to hit Avery, but, he jumped up high, and dodged it…I get it! This was MAGIC dodge ball. I saw people using their transforming powers to turn into animals to throw, people sending fiery balls over. I grinned at Avery, and my eyes became an electric blue. Competitive. I threw a ball over at him with an electric blue light surrounding it.

"Take that, fox boy!" I yelled over.

"Bring it on!" He yelled back. He picked up a ball, and threw it at me, with great force, I caught it, but it hurt, bringing tears to my eyes. (If you catch it, you're not out.)

"Hey! That hurt!" I called over.

"You're supposed to dodge it!" He said, with a laugh.

"It's on now!" I said, and I picked up another ball, and throwing it at him. He slid sideways, dodging it…then I noticed, it was only me and Avery left in the game, everyone else was sitting on the floor, out. Avery grinned.

"Guess it's just you and me." He said, throwing another ball.

"Yep." I replied, taking a deep breath. I threw another blue energy ball at him…and hit him in the stomach…he was out. All of my team-mates cheered. I saw Avery lying on the ground. I ran over.

"You okay?" I asked.

"I don't need help." He muttered, sitting up. "Good job."

"Thanks, Avery." I replied, helping him up.

Some girls glared at us talking, and rushed over to Avery holding on to his arms.

"Ooh Avery! You're so strong!" They squealed, Avery sighed. I rolled my eyes.

The next class was a History class of some kind. An old man stood at the front with a green old vest, and old man pants. He was bald on the top and had tiny glasses, that slid on his nose.

"Good morning class." He said, his voice was boring. I sat beside Chase the girl.

"What a bore fest…" She whispered into my ear, I nodded.

That class was boring, and next was lunch. We headed to the lunch room, it had trays at one end, and food to the other, tables were set up. I saw all the teams rushing in, carrying books.

"Mm-mm!" Avery said, looking at some chicken, He put some on his tray, and I grabbed exactly what he got. We found a table, next to April, who was talking to some boy. She didn't notice us, and I began to talk to Avery.

"So, you're whole family is made up of fox people?" I asked, taking a bite of chicken.

"Yeah. I'm a Fall. My brothers are Springs. My dad is a Summer. My sis is Winter snow fox. My mom and other sister are Falls like me." He replied.

"That's awesome." I said, taking another bite.

"Yeah, yeah." He muttered, and a girl walked over. She had snow white fox ears, tail, and paws. Her hair was blonde, and put up in a ponytail. Her eyes were icy blues.

"Hey lil' bro." She said, ruffling his hair. "How are ya?"

"Fine, fine…Karri." He mumbled.

"Heh! Is this your little girlfriend?" Karri asked.

"Ew, no. This is Renee." He said.

"Eh, whatever, same difference." She said, sliding in beside me.

"No it's not. She's just a friend." Avery muttered, taking another bite.

Karri giggled. "Right, whatever you say, lil' bro." She said.

"You shut up." He growled. "Just shut up."

She began to eat. "Avery, you know I'm older, and you can't tell me what to do." She said.

"Doesn't matter who's older. It matters who's more responsible, who's right, who's better." He said.

I didn't exactly agree with him, but, (I couldn't figure out why!) I didn't say that. That's something I normally would do. Oh whatever. I began to talk to Karri, I found out she was nineteen, and about to leave the school. Then Tom came up to Avery, and put his hands on Avery's shoulders standing behind him.

"Hey, Ave." Tom said. "Karri, Renee." He added.

Avery and him began to talk, guy junk I figure. Then it was time for classes again. We had….I glanced at my list….Art. The Tacos had Art at least. I jumped up, and headed to Art. When we got there, a teacher walked in. A female teacher. She had red curls, down to her shoulders, and was wearing a red skirt and a white shirt. All the guys were pretty much drooling over her. I mean, she was pretty, but I bet the girls envied her. I sure did. Avery didn't seem to care much though.

"Good…um….Afternoon class!" She exclaimed. She was new, I could tell.

"Good afternoon…" The class began, then glanced at the board, "Mrs…" Oh great, more and more of them as the days go by. "Quicker."

Avery just had the ultimate beautiful family, huh? I wonder who his brother was? Oh yeah, I remembered then, his mom was a fall like him, where were her ears? And tail? Probably a spell, to keep her from distraction. I smiled at Avery, who just sighed.

"Um, so, um, today, we'll be learning….About depth and shape…" She began.

Avery raised his hand.

"Yes, um…..Mr….Quicker?" She asked, getting used to calling him that,

"May I go to the bathroom?" He asked.

"Um…Yes, Aver…Mr. Quicker." She said.

"Thanks." He mumbled, and walked out the door.

But through the whole Art class, he never came back. And after class, Tom and I got permission to go look for him. Tom checked the bathroom, I checked closets, Tom (Who shared a dorm with him,) checked the dorm. And we couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, I went outside. And there he sat, in the big tree. (Tom was still looking inside.)

"Avery?" I called up the tree.

"Leave me alone." He mumbled.

"Avery…" I sighed, and I climbed up myself, and sat next to him. "What's wrong?"

"I have two stupid teacher parents, and the next teacher in the next class despises me. Only one teacher actually likes me, other than as a son. And he can get pretty mad at me sometimes." He mumbled.

He wasn't just part of a beautiful family, he WAS beautiful. I noticed that right there. I, (Me! The shy little Renee! Aha.) touched his hair, and he turned around, and looked at me with the strangest look. I blushed, and pulled my hand away. He smiled, and then I noticed, he had probably the best smile ever. I blushed and looked away.

"So, why are you here then?" I asked, dangling my legs over the branch, and looking up, staring at the clouds.

"Well…Um…" He began. "I don't know."

"Couldn't you just leave?"

"No. My mom…and Dad…They'd kill me. They want me to become a teacher too. But, I'm the stupid one in the family."

"You're not stupid!" I exclaimed.

"How do you know? I could get bad grades, but have common sense. I could be smart, but…" He began.

"There's a difference between not being smart, and being stupid. Not being smart, means you didn't learn. Stupid means you can't." I said.

He nodded. "And I'm the latter."

"Not you're not, Avery, is this what this is all about!?" I asked.

"No…It's just…" He looked at me…and…

"Aaavveerryy!" A little kid's voice called out. "Mommy wants to see you!"

"Crap. What does she want, David!?" He called back.

"How'm I supposed to know?" David said, looking up in the tree. I look down at him.

The kid, David, had light brown hair, and large brown eyes. He also had light brown fox ears. He had these fingerless gloves. He wore a blue button up shirt, but it was open and he had a white tee-shirt under it. He also had on black jeans. He looked around thirteen,

"Go away, shrimp." Avery muttered.

David sighed. "Ave, you have to come. Mommy was really teary and mad. She might drown us all in an angry fit…"

"Okay, okay….I'm coming…." Avery mumbled. "See you later, Renee." He said, and squeezed my hand, and then jumped down.

I blushed when he squeezed it. He ran into the school. I jumped down too. I looked at David. He smiled at me.

"I think Avery likes someone…." He sang.

"Who?" I asked stupidly.

David laughed. I didn't get it….Oh well, I followed Avery. When I got to the classroom, I heard voices.