Authors Note: Thanks to Miss Taylor AGAIN… Our role-playing is very helpful. Avery and getting drunk. Oh yeah. About something. Did you know that David is my favorite character? I love him! I used to be obsessed over Avery, but Mr. David Quicker is my new favorite… - hugs David - I love you MAN!

I had been working at the dress shop for a week now, and it was almost time for the dance. I had been saving up money, and I had my eye on a dress. It was an emerald green, and long and flowing, with straps. Ooh, and these matching shoes, and gloves… It was so pretty, but cheap, well, on sale, and I could afford it. Today was the day, I had bought it, and I was heading home. I walked outside, and saw a figure. It was tall…. And thin…

"Avery! What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I came to pick you up…" He said. "C'mon, let's go back."

I smiled, and followed him. He said nothing more, just stayed a few feet ahead of me, and when I fell back, he'd stop and wait. But never said a thing. When we got there, he waved bye, and went to his dorm, and me mine. The dance was on Saturday. Nothing could be better than today! Except when a certain dance is canceled.

It was the day of the dance, and it was snowing. But the night before, someone had come and completely ruined the gym… We didn't know who it had been, but there was ice, things on fire… dirt everywhere… And who had all these powers combined? Me, of course. Typical. And I was sent to the Headmistress.

"Miss King! I can't believe you would do something like this!" She scolded.

"But I didn't do it!" I said.

"You have any proof?" She asked me.

"No… I but promise… I swear! I did NOT do this!" I defended.

"The dance is already canceled, and I'm not reopening it again, Miss King…. I'm sorry." She said. And that was that. No more dance.

I ran outside, and into Avery. He had a sad smile on his face.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Dance is gone. Over. Done with." I said. I felt like crying. I had been looking forward to being with Avery…

"I have an idea." He said.

I saw Karri behind him. She grinned.

"Wow, I'm surprised. My little brother had an IDEA!" She exclaimed.

He rolled his eyes. Then smiled back at me.

"We go on a date, okay?" He asked.

I blushed. That would be perfect! But what about the other students? So I asked him.

"But what about everyone else?"

"You'll see." He replied. "Just meet me outside, at ten, in your dance outfit… Okay?"

"Um…Okay." I answered.

It was that night, I ran out in my awesomely awesome dress, and saw… the whole school. Outside on the lawn. Music was being played by students, Chinese lanterns were hung everywhere. Punch was there. I saw Avery standing there, I ran up to him.

"How'd you do this!?" I asked.

"I have my ways." He grinned. "C'mon, let's dance."

He slid an arm around my waist, a hand on my shoulder. Same for me. A slow song had just started up.

"One two three…. One two three…" I thought in my head. I was a horrible dancer…

He twirled me, I got all girly blushy again. Dip, twirl, one two three…. That was the new pattern… Dip, twirl, one two three…stop. He kissed me on the cheek. Super girly blushy there. We were right under the tree by that time. David saw us, and poked Karri, pointing. I could hear them giggle. We HAD kissed before… at Christmas time…but this was a teeny tiny one. It was still special…

"I'm gonna go get some punch, okay?" He asked, kind of bored sounding.

"Eh, right." I said.

Bored. Typical. He soon brought me some too. I gulped it down quickly. Man I was tired… We even danced some more. Till midnight… Then the dance ended, and everyone began to clear out. We were stuck cleaning. Along with David and Karri. David sighed, as he picked up the final cup.

"Huzzah!" He shouted. "We're done!"

"Huzzah…" Karri said, with a yawn.

"Huzzah!" I exclaimed.

"Woo. Hoo." Avery mumbled.

We were all tired… So we headed off to bed, sleepy… Dreaming of each other I guess… Well I was… But I'm not getting into details… Anyway. We went to class, and Avery was acting kind of weird…

"Heeeey, Ren!" He exclaimed, with a hiccup.

"Um, Hey, Avery.." I replied.

"What are yooh' doin' tonight?" Hiccup.

"Um…Home-work?" I said.

He just laughed. Hiccup. He was drunk, as you have guessed…

"Avery, are you drunk!?" I exclaimed.

"I thought it was coffee…" He muttered.

"How many cups did you have?"

"Fifteen…. Or twenty…" He said, hiccup.

"Holy crap!" I shouted. "We have to find David… Or someone…"

"No! They'll…." Hiccup. "Tell Mum and Dad…"

"Oh well!" I spotted David. "David!" I shouted.

David looked up. He saw Avery and sighed.

"He drunk, isn't he?" He asked.

"Yep." I replied.

"Let's get him to Mom and Dad." David replied.

"Okay…" I said.

"Nooo! Not Mum n' Dad!" Avery slurred, and passed out.

And so we delivered him to the Quicker adults….

"Oh my goodness." Mrs. Quicker said. "AVERY QUICKER YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR…" She thought it over. "THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF SUMMER!"

"Omigoosh.." He slurred, waking up. "That sucks."

And so it was… and Summer, as it seems, came very fast. Olive juice, romance, ghost trouble? Oh boy. What fun we will have.

Authors note: Cheesy ending? Next book! Next book! Narrated by Mr. Avery Quicker himself. So did you like this? It was kind of short… but! Summer will come oh, so soon…. Hehe. Tune in next time for… Aimer D'Été ; Le Conte D'Avery