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She was a beauty queen; he was the new student that chose to be the loner. She worked her way in, they fell for each other, but she couldn't be with him. Years later, he just so happens to be a successful singer and incidents in her life made her fall from her beauty queen status and made her life not so great. He wants to see her; he wants to be with her now that his dream has come true, so he's coming back to see if he can finally have something he's always wanted.


"Hey there! Your name is Oliver, isn't it?"

He wanted to ignore her, he wanted to be alone, just the way he liked it, but her voice was so pleasant that he had to look up from his notebook. His mouth formed a thin line as he stared up at the familiar red head, noticing the girl in the back of the room of his Chemistry class when the teacher was busy introducing him to his new classmates. She continued to smile at him, as he remained silent, simply staring at her, which was starting to make her nervous on the inside. He watched as her ring covered hand reached up, tucking curled strands of her red hair behind her left ear, suddenly snapping out of it when he acknowledged the fact that he was staring like a complete fool.

"Ah...yes, sorry. I'm Oliver, or Oli, whichever you prefer," he introduced, a crooked smile appearing.

Her smile brightened, finding his crooked smile making the new student even more attractive. He had short dark brown hair that was a little messy, looking as if he just woke up and ran a hand through it before walking out, not really paying any mind. His eyes were cobalt blue, a lot of girls noticing that beautiful eye color right away. "I'm Audrey Boseman. I'm in your Chem class and we were assigned lab partners and lucky you, you're getting paired up with me!"

"Lucky, huh?" He teased lightly, his crooked grin turning into a smirk.

"Anyone is lucky to have me as a lab partner. I'm actually really good at Chem, and I'm easy to get along with."

"That I can tell," he murmured, surprise entering his eyes as she bent down, taking his notebook without hesitation. "W-Wait! What're you doing? Give it back–"

The redhead moved away from him as he hurried into a standing position, reaching for his private notebook. He made a face of worry, reaching for it once again only to have her dodge him as she flipped through the pages of writing. He sighed in defeat, quietly pleading for her to return his notebook as she stood in silence, her back to him as her eyes scanned over a page, her brows wrinkling together. "Are these lyrics?"

"Just give it back," he sighed out, a frown coming onto his face, "who do you think you are anyway, taking my notebook and–"

"It's good," she cut in, looking at him from over her shoulder briefly, "I mean really good." She turned to the next page, new lyrics scribbled down with many words crossed over, exed out, and little doodles along the page. She started to read through the untitled song, a song of heartache and bitterness. Before she could finish, the notebook was snatched out of her hands, causing her to turn around and glare up at the taller boy. "I wasn't finished!"

"It's not yours to finish reading!"

"...Does that even make any sense?!"

"Yes, it did! Someone is just a little bit dense."

A smile replaced her glare, "Oh hey, that rhymed!"

He raised a brow, puzzled by the weird girl. "Huh–what rhymed?"

"The end of our sentences."

He stared at her, completely lost in the conversation once she decided to randomly change the subject–

"And I'm not dense! How rude!"

And then change it back...

"Oh," she chimed, "by the way, I love your British accent. All of my friends heard it and now they're madly in love with you."

"Because of my accent? That's crazy talk."

She shrugged, "Everyone has a crazy moment?"


They both looked in the direction where the booming voice came from, Oliver staring at the taller boy that stood up from a bench full of people that consisted of cheerleaders, football players, and swimmers. He caught their attention as well and they took their time eyeing Oliver, some of the girls basically stripping him with their eyes, something that made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Audrey grumbled underneath her breath before looking back at Oliver, smiling brightly at him. "I have to get back before my boyfriend decides to come over here and act like a jealous barbarian or something like that, but I'll see you around, okay?"

He let his gaze linger on her boyfriend a bit longer, taking in his frown as he watched them speak quietly with each other, his large arms crossed over his muscled chest that was evident through his tight shirt. It was clear that he was on the football team, possibly the captain, and Oliver wondered if his shirt could get any tighter. He dropped his gaze to Audrey, giving her a soft smile. He was stupid to think that she didn't have a boyfriend. The girl was beautiful and he was sure that she was a friendly girl that captured the attention of other men with her personality and big smile. Her red hair shone brightly in the sun, and he surprised himself when he felt that he wanted to run his fingers through her hair. He just met the girl! She was petite, the perfect size, because when a girl was too skinny, he had the urge to throw a hamburger in their path.

"Sure thing," he finally replied, "and no more taking my notebook from me either."

"Yeah, whatever," she said, a teasing glint in her eyes before she turned and walked away from him, hurrying back to the bench where she was previously sitting. Her boyfriend stared at him a few seconds longer when she reached him, before he kissed her forehead, wrapping his arm around her smaller body.

Oliver stared, his brows furrowing when he felt something that felt a lot like jealousy. He just met the girl, he told himself once again. He wasn't the type to believe in the whole 'love at first sight' thing, but he was starting to think that he was just proven wrong.

A week had passed since their first encounter, and Oliver found himself being drawn more and more to the red head whenever she randomly appeared at school. She would show up at his locker, bringing up random topics, she would show up after school and ask what he was going to do for the rest of the day, and she had invited him to sit with her friends at lunch three times, but he declined each time. He didn't really care too much about making new friends. School was boring to him and he longed to drop out, but his older sister wouldn't have it. She wanted her little brother to get an education and do something with his life, other than dreaming of becoming a musician when it was so hard to make that dream come true.

He erased an answer he put down on his paper, Audrey sitting in silence next to him as she tried to figure out the next question on her own. The room was fairly quiet except for the brief whispering between lab partners, everyone stationed at a table full of equipment. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, watching as she chewed on the tip of her pen as she glared down at her paper, battling with the question. A small smile came onto his face as he leaned over, "Need help?"

Her glare was gone and her head shot up, turning to look at him. "I really am good at Chem!"

He pulled her paper closer to see what question she was on. "I didn't say you weren't."

"Sometimes I just have trouble with a few things. I like proving to my lab partners that I really am good at school and I'm not just some stupid, ditzy girl that participates in beauty pageants and cares only about looks and make-up."

His brows rose in slight interest, "You're in beauty pageants?"

"In every single one of them whenever there is one going on," she mumbled, her eyes traveling back to her paper. He picked up on the hint of unhappiness in her voice, but didn't bother being nosy. "My mom keeps track of the pageants and then all I do is get ready, look pretty, and fight to win. My mom wouldn't have it any other way." She sighed, a smile slipping onto her lips, "Sorry for rambling. You probably don't even care."

"It's okay," he murmured, his eyes locked on her, "you can talk to me whenever you have something to say."

"Even if it's random and stupid?"

"You tell me a lot of random things as it is," he laughed out lightly, her smile widening when she heard the sound of his laughter. "Let me help you," he added, taking her pen out of her hand and scooting closer to her, their arms touching, an act that caused Audrey to visibly flinch for a split second. His blue eyes darted to her, but went back to the paper when he saw that she was ready for him to help her. A few minutes later, he had explained the equation and she caught on quickly, thanking him as she moved onto the next question.

"Hey...so...we're friends, right?"

He glanced at her, "Yeah. I guess."

She gasped cutely, "You guess?"

"I'm not that great at making friends, and I never really had too many," he explained quietly, "but–okay, yes, we're friends."

"I like that." She paused, "You don't like my friends, do you?"

"Not to judge—well, I suppose I am judging, but they don't seem like very nice people, or they seem to be the type of people that think they're better than everyone around them."

"Yea...they can be like that sometimes."

"Then why do you hang out with them?"

She shrugged, "I don't know...maybe because they don't make fun of me like everyone else."

"You seem pretty popular to me."

"I guess I am, but a lot of people think I'm stupid...or stuck up, and they don't bother to get to know me. I'm a really nice person!"

"I know."

"But...maybe you'll like them! I've known some of them since middle school. They can be nice when they want to be–and I'd really like it if you ate lunch with us!"

Why couldn't he find himself saying no to her when she asked like that? Pleading with him, making a cute pout come onto her face–"I'm sure I can...one of these days." He sighed inwardly, hating the fact that he just gave into her. He didn't want to make friends; he just wanted to be alone and write lyrics that came to him in his thoughts, getting closer to the goal that he wanted to achieve.

Her bright smile appeared, "Tomorrow?"

"Your boyfriend won't mind?"

She waved her hand and rolled her green eyes, "Don't even pay any attention to him. He gets incredibly jealous whenever I talk to a guy that he doesn't know, but once he gets to know you, I'm sure he'll like you just like I do! You're a nice guy, and you're accent is amazing!"

"So he'll like me because of my accent?"

Her cheeks stained with a light color, "I didn't–well, I think that came out wrong. I made it sound like you'll win him over with your accent."

He smirked slightly as he put an answer down on his paper.

"Oliver, this is Logan, my boyfriend," Audrey introduced, holding onto Oliver's arm as Logan stood in front of them with another girl. "Logan, this is Oliver, the friend I told you about!" Oliver held out his hand, getting the vibe from the taller boy that he did not like his presence at all, as if he felt threatened. He forced a crooked grin onto his face, waiting for him to shake his hand. He did so, squeezing his hand a bit too hard as they shook, as if he were giving a warning to Oliver to stay away from his territory. He removed his hand, dropping it to his side and flexing his fingers as he winced inwardly.

His blue eyes drifted to the girl next to Logan, an interested smile on her face as she eyed Oliver.

"And that's Emma, my best friend," Audrey gushed with a smile.

Emma was taller than Audrey, a bit thinner as well, and a girl that was clearly into fashion. Everything on her looked expensive, and Oliver had the feeling that she was a spoiled girl that got everything she wanted when asking for it. She had long brown hair, her bangs cut straight across and above her blue eyes. Oliver nodded, "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," she purred, glancing at Audrey with a smile, "he's even better looking up close, Audrey. You didn't do him justice."

Oliver looked at Audrey for an explanation and she laughed nervously, removing her hand from Oliver's arm as Logan looked at her as well. "Emma–"

"Audrey said you were cute, and I saw you a few times, but couldn't really tell what you looked like from afar," Emma explained, watching as Logan stepped closer to Audrey, gently pulling her to his side and murmuring into her ear as he bent down to her. "I think she meant the word gorgeous, but you know, with her boyfriend and all, she needs to watch what she says most of the time."

"You're quite forward," Oliver spoke.

"So I hear."

Audrey came back into the conversation, holding hands with her boyfriend. "Oliver agreed to have lunch with us some time!"

Logan's facial expression hadn't changed at all, but Emma continued to look interested and continued to give him flirtatious looks as they went on with their conversation.

Oliver couldn't help but glance at the joined hands of Audrey and Logan, his smile slowly falling from his face.

A story that has been in my head, and I finally gave in to writing it. Sigh. The first three or four chapters will be of the characters in high school, and after that, then the story will pick up and fast forward a few years to where they are adults. So, here's the new story, tell me how you like it! Sorry for any grammar mistakes and such.

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