Chapter One

"Hey, you're Lily, right?"

Oh brother. Here we go again. I thought to myself, fully expecting that voice to belong to some pestering cheerleader who wanted to harass me. What a great way to start off my senior year of high school.

Wait a minute.. Cheerleaders did not know my name.

I turned away from my locker to get a look at the speaker. She had the appearance of a cheerleader.. only not? No, she wasn't a cheerleader; I knew that for a fact as soon as I recognized her. I'm surprised it took me a little time to realize who this girl was.

I must have been staring at her or something, for she soon waved her small hand in my face to bring me back to the real world.

"You're Lily, right?" she asked again. "I think you're in my psych class," she said with a smile and I could clearly see that she had perfectly straight, white teeth.

Coming back to my senses, I blinked and raised an eyebrow in question. "Who wants to know?" I replied with resentment.

I went back to my locker, rummaging through it for my English book as I had been doing before the girl had interrupted. A little rude on my part but hey, random people don't normally approach me without reason. Usually they do it to intentionally tease or annoy me.

"I do," she said defiantly.

I swear I could hear her laughing. I don't think it was directed at me though, considering that it sounded oddly friendly.

I decided not to face her again. Instead, I kept my gaze towards my locker while I unnecessarily rearranged my school books on the top shelf.

"Oh really?" I replied.

She nodded her head firmly, "Yes, I do. So, are you that Lily or should I be looking for a different Lily?"

Sighing in frustration and knowing that this girl wasn't about to let me finish with my locker, I turned around again.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm that Lily." I couldn't help but be sarcastic with my reply. "What do you want? Who are you?"

I don't even know why I asked; I knew already knew who she was. I mean, everyone did. Roxanne Logan, the one and only. She was what you would call 'popular' in high school terms. I mean, what wasn't there to like about her? She was pretty with her bright blue eyes and long, beautiful, naturally strawberry blonde hair. Not to mention that she was friendly and basically the nicest senior in all of Escapade High School. She also seemed to have a knack for knowing who people were. Plus, I knew she had many, many friends, ranging from the jocks to the nerds. People just liked her, I guess.

And then there was me, the loner, wallflower, or whatever you would classify me as in terms of high school generalizations.

Again, she gave that oh-so-perfect smile.

"Roxanne," she replied simply.

I muttered an automatic, 'I know' under my breath. However, She didn't act like she had heard the remark and instead, continued on.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person, Lily."

Huh? What did she mean by finally?

"I was wondering if maybe you would like to—"

Before she could finish that sentence, someone had interrupted our conversation (if you could even call it that) by slinging an arm around Roxanne's shoulders.

"Roxy, what're you doing? Class starts in a minute.."

This voice was much deeper and obviously not female. It honestly had startled me a little bit.

I glanced up at the newcomer, recognizing him immediately.

Matt Williams. I had known him for a considerably long time, although we had hardly spoken to each other since our freshmen year of high school. He happened to be a shy and normally quiet nerd. But surprisingly, he had a girlfriend of two years, and that was Roxanne. As an added bonus, her popularity had rubbed off on the guy and he had far more friends that I could ever hope to have. They were definitely the odd couple at its best.

"Oh Matt, you're always looking out for me," she replied with a giggle.

Hearing her laugh brought me out of my thoughts. It seemed that I had zoned out a little longer than I thought since the couple was now heading away from me and down the hallway.

"See you in class, Lily!" she called and flashed me another one of those smiles before she gave a small wave.

I was left there in a stunned silence, staring after the two of them. Once they had disappeared from sight, I was brought out of my trance-like state.

"What the hell was that?"

Before I could even begin to ponder about what had just happened, the bell rang and I ran off to my next class.

Well the re-revised version of this story is finally back up. I apologize for taking as long as I did to bring it back up but I didn't feel like writing at the time I removed it from the site. I got rid of the prologue all together and reformatted the story to my liking. However, I'm still not happy with the title of this. Any suggestions later on in the story would be very much appreciated. ;)