You probably thought I was tired,
Or maybe you thought that something was wrong.
Maybe you just respected
That I had been working hard all day long.
Maybe you just expected
That I would cuddle up on your arm
And drift off while you were driving.
I had nothing to look at.
We weren't talking.
There was a smarmy, silly song playing on the radio.
You know I hate that station
But it helps you relax
And you're easier to lean into when you're calm.

You probably thought nothing of it
Just a silly, doting little show.
You probably saw affection
In the way I snuggled up to you just so.
Maybe I wanted attention
After working alongside you all day
Without a moment to spend with just you.
I had nothing to say.
You don't like silence, sometimes, and it drives you to softly sing.
I didn't feel the need to tell you
That leaning towards you
Helped me hear the sweet voice that I love more than anything.
It's just funny how you only sing if I'm asleep
And how I have to pretend to sleep to hear you sing.