Chronicles of Casteal

Chapter 1 : The Dark Four

Deep in the forest a young girl hides under a small log. Trying not to breath too loud, because she knows they will hear her. Trying not to move because she knows they will see her. She knows that she must be the only one left becasue everyone else must have been captured, or joined the other side.

A branch cracks nearby and she holds her breath hoping they wont see her. Two large feet appear infront of her eyes (oh my god oh my god oh my god!) she thinks to herself. The feet take a step away from her, (walk away! Dont see me! get! go! SHOO!) The feet take another step away. (yes! Thank god, i'm safe!) Suddenly the feet turn and launch at the log, kicking it over, revealing Amber. A short, dark haired, blue eyed girl, with a look of terror on her face.

"Shit!" Amber rolled to her feet and took off in the opposite direction of the man who was pursuing her. She looked stright ahead, (there! I'm almost safe!) and began to run faster when from behind a tree infront of her darted out another girl. The girl Lept at Amber grabbing her and knocking her to the ground. Amber layed there dissapointed for a moment. The girl jump back up and shouted "We win!"

"Ya, ya." Amber climbed back up to her feet. "You didn't have to know me down Marrow." Then she smiled "but, good job."

The game of capture the flag was over. Marrow, Ambers best friend, a tall, skinny girl with jet black hair and the style of a rock star, wandered out toward the flag. Which was about three feet away from where she tackled Amber, and smiled, "I'v got to go home now, university exams aren't as easy to cram for as high school. See you later." She looked back beyond Amber, "Bye bye Liam!"

Marrow dissapeared into the forest and then into the streets beyond. Amber waved until she couldn't see her friend anymore, then turned to bump into Liam. He has Light brown hair, and is also much taller then Amber. He gave her a cute smile and gestured in the opposite direction of where Marrow left, "Shall I walk you home?" Amber nodded and they left walking deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile in the alternate realm of Epion four hooded strangers gather in the forest of Hales Turok infront of a giant statue of a dragon. With the other three behind him, one of the hooded strangers raised his hands out from his sides, palms down. A giant pattern formed around all four of them, and around the other side of the dragon. "Let the blood pact of the vail be honored. Unshadow the hidden spirit of your master!" The three hooded strangers in the back fell to their knees and began to shake violently as the earth itself began to tremble. A large spike of earth shot out of the ground infront of the standing hooded man, but he remained still, his legs like two trunks stuck deep into the ground. He brought his hands infront of pointing toward the statue, and with a thundering voice shouted "show me!" Suddenly his eyes went blank and he fell back into a trance. He could see Amber, walking down the forest trail with Liam in the earth relm.

The ground stopped shaking and the four hooded strangers causiously stood up. They peered around expecting something to happen, but all was silent. "So? Have you found the master of this dragon?" A womans voice came from one of the hoods.

The hooded man looked toward to statue, "yes, but there is a problem. They are in the earth realm, and they no doubt have already found a guardian." He stared at the statue harder, and a small crack formed, "We have to find her before they do, or we will loose our chance to ressurect him." As he spoke the cracks grew bigger. "And if we loose that chance, all hope is lost!" With his last words the statue broke apart into rubble on the floor.

The hooded man turned toward his minions, "we need to open the gates to the earth realm, once again."

In a nearby tree a small girl eavesdropped fearful of being discovered by the hooded strangers. She ducked when they made their way out of the forest, and eyed the woman who spoke earlier. Once the group had gone she rush over to the destroyed statue and began to dig through the rubble until she found one of the eyes. Despite the size of the statue the eye could fit in the palm of her hand. She tucked it away and quickly ran off out of the forest.

Once she was out she finally stopped to catch her breath, when a voice rang out from behind her. "You should hide yourself better next time, I knew exactly where you were, Astella."

Astella turned to see the hooded woman, "it dosn't matter, I got what I needed, thank your friend there for breaking the seal for me." She stepped closer to the woman and into the moonlight, She had short golden hair, and pirceing red eyes.

The woman stepped farther back into the shadowes, "what do you intend to do?"

Astella looked at the woman, then out toward the moon, "I guess I have to warn her, even if that means restoring her memories..." Her mind became lost in thought. The hooded woman lowered her head and vanished into the forest saying "so be it."

Astella continued stareing up at the moon and repeated to herself, "even if it means restoring her memories..."

To be continued