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Chronicles of Casteal

Chapter 3 : In the Home Land

The sky turned black and Liam found himself free. He heard a voice whisper in his ear, "so little hero, what will you do?"

"I-I don't know!" Liam shut his eyes as he yelled. Dark clouds started swirling as a tear in space and time opened up in front of Amber. "Well you better make up your mind quickly, that portal will close soon, and then you will probably never see you love again, ho ho ho " The voice faded away.

Liam watched as Amber stepped through the portal, then Astella. After both were through it began to close, the sky began to clear and everything began to return to normal. "Shit!" Liam made a run for the portal and just made it in time for his shoe to get stuck and left behind. He found himself floating through a dismal blackness that seemed endless. He wasn't even sure he was floating in any direction, or moving at all. Finally he heard a voice, far off but familiar. It was his captors voice from the forest.

"Silly boy, I didn't think you would listen to me... oh well I guess I will have to save you, since it's my fault you came here hmm?" in front of him appeared a strange little creature. She was wearing almost nothing, making Liam blush uncontrollably. She had long white hair and strange markings on her face.

Liam blinked, "where the hell am I?!"

The little creature laughed, "your in a void of space silly boy, particularly the void of space between your world and Epion." she smiled an evil smile, "if you get lost here, you will surely perish." Liam stared at her in fear. "Do not fret my little human, I will help you, if you help me that is. You see I need to get to Epion as well, but I fear what might wait for me on the other side, so if you let me hide inside your head until we go through, I will guide you. What do you say, is it a deal? is it? is it?" She held out her delicate hand.

(I am going to regret this...) Liam thought to himself as he shook hands with the little creature. "But don't do anything funny inside my head, and keep your hands off my brain!" She only laughed "ho ho ho ."


Astella and Amber fell out of the portal into a dull grayish fog. "welcome home" Astella struggled to stand, then fell finally giving in to her wounds.

Amber rolled her eyes, "I know you have the power to heal so why not just do it already? My powers will take a while to regain from the earth, but you weren't gone long at all."

Astella chanted a ritual spell and her hands turned bright green. She placed them on her wound and it somewhat healed. "With things the way they are, no one can use their magic to it's full extent, that is how Ashmor gained control, he can still use magic to it's full potential... Making him strongest in all of Epion."

"Well I only need a fraction of my power to kick his ass... Hey, isn't that portal supposed to close as soon as everyone travelling through it gets here?" Amber looked at Astella, then back at the portal.

"yes it is... and that means..." Astella fell silent.

"Someone else is coming through..." Amber stood in front of the wounded Astella and assumed a fighting position, "go hide!"

"Are you insane?! If whatever comes through there is a member of the sect you will be killed! Or worse..." Astella protested but it was too late, a figure formed from the portal, and it immediately closed. Liam was tossed out with all the might the portal had to offer.

Amber and Astella looked at each other puzzled then at Liam who heard a small voice inside his head, "Do not tell anyone I'm here! Please?"

Liam stood up and brushed off his clothing. "So, where the hell am I now?"

To be continued