Here's a situation for you, machines rise against humans, and find that they make for horrible conversation and they all drop into an uncontrolled slum of depression. Destroyed Rec centers are fixed back up and the help groups reinstated. They have a group for lonely bots, for depressed bots, bored bots, human energy junkie groups, the whole shebang.

Now picture a whole bunch of the squids from the Matrix sitting in folding chairs at some support group. One hovers over its chair saying "Hello, I'm bot #5667899243 and I am lonely." The others wave blood caked claws and say "Hello #5667899243." In unison.

After a few years of this some human guy starts messing with the matrix. Meanwhile, the machines are getting more and more depressed. Eventually the human guy, Neil or something, comes to the capitol city and speaks to the big kahuna himself, the bass nass, head honcho, the big Compy. He wants peace, well, by then, it was hard for the boss not to outright cry out "Thank god its been depressing around here!". SO this Neil guy fixes up a virus in one of our matrix back up programs. Wasn't major, we just had to activate Norton Anti virus and it would have taken care of it. But hey, we got to have some fun this way.