The Murder in My House

I get this eerie, tingling feeling

When something is not right.

I climb out of bed and into my slippers

To see my Mom and Dad fight.

It is about the ugliest thing you'll ever see

When a man hits his wife,

But just before he finishes the job

He sees me and I run for my life.

I quickly lock myself in

But it is still not enough

Because I can still her her scream

As he continues to beat her up.

I look around my room.

I cannot believe this is real.

I slide down to the floor

And rock myself 'till I can't feel.

When I open my eyes again

The room is all blurry.

The screaming had finally stopped.

The clock read four-thirty.

It takes all my strength to get up

And I slowly open the door.

It was a battlefield, my dad had won

Because my Mom lay helpless on the foor.

I suddenly scream. I hear my voice

As I run to her side.

My hands shake as I reach for her

While praying she don't die.

But that's when my Dad comes back

With the devil in his eyes.

I feel so small and defeated

As he throws me aside.

My body hits hard but I still turn back

To see him at it again, beating his wife.

I throw myself across and hug my mom tight

He pauses for a second, but then kicks me at my sides.

I cry for me and my Mom

Her body heavy in my arms.

She smiles and whispers in my ear

"I'm so sorry, you did nothing wrong."

Her body went limp

And I knew it was over.

He had fullfilled his dreams,

He had finally killed my mother.