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chapter one.

It wasn't difficult to point out just who Avery Simmone was in the crowd. In fact, even a person with one working eye could have selected her from the rest of the models who stood up on the stage. She had been the one chosen to wear the red grace eyelet dress with the ridiculous plastic sunflower hanging from the side of her head. Though, she had refused to wear it and insisted on a hat –Francis, the designer had specifically requested that no one pay any attention to her. And so there she was now, after four grueling hours of battling the monstrous piece of plastic, in all her glory pinning a to-die-for-smile at the launch of the new Francis Cushes Envy summer line.
"It was a exciting experience" Francis spoke as he held on to the microphone in his right hand "this year's envy summer line is different –I targeted the designs for girls and women of all ages" he paused "I mean –even an 80 year old woman can wear one of my collections and still can feel as though she is 20 again"

A small laugh emitted from the crowd and Avery stifled a yawn. Francis's launches were always the same. After the speech, he'd order the girls to mingle with the V.I.P guests, take pictures, laugh, smile –basically anything that would have made them worth it. After all, the Cushe models weren't just any ordinary models –they were bodies being paid about a thousand dollars every event.
"..And now ladies" Francis turned to them "If you will.." he moved his hand in a flicking motion signaling that it was time for them to walk down onto the crowd. Avery and the nine other girls of the first row curtsied and exited the stage followed by the row behind them.

Once on the floor, Avery flashed her biggest smile at an incoming photographer and then skimmed the crowed for a familiar face. The launch brought the same people (other clothing venues –businesses and other brands like Lacoste) together and sometimes new and unknown faces.
"Avery" called one of the models "Sue's changing outfits in the back –she told me to tell you she'd meet you by the ice sculpture once she's done"
Avery nodded in reply and headed into the direction of the sculpture shaped like the sun.
"So what's a pretty face like you working as a Cushe model?" came a voice as she felt someone hold onto her elbow.

"you've pretty much stated the obvious" she replied as she came face to face with a pair of striking green eyes.
The gentleman smirked and ran his hand through his messy hair. He was wearing a black suit with a maroon dress shirt on the inside –if it hadn't been for the oriental tattoo stamped on the side of his neck Avery could have sworn he was one of the male models.
"What's your story, gorgeous?" he went on "Begged daddy you wanted to be a model –so he paid the big bucks to get his princess into an elite modeling group?"

Avery looked taken back "None of your business" she seethed through her pearl white teeth as she yanked her elbow away from him.

She knew for a fact that there were some girls in Cushe who had done exactly what he had just said. But Avery had not been one of them –for the most, she wasn't even rich to begin with nor did she even wanted to pursue modeling.

Francis had found her at a bookstore a summer ago. She had taken the job at the bookstore to pay off her semester's worth of expenses and he had fallen in love with the way her body angled itself as she reached up to put a book away –her face, as Francis put it, was an added bonus to a "wonderful" masterpiece.
"I'm curious" he added "You hardly even look old –late teens or early twenties. How old are you?"
What a jerk she thought.

She glared at him "That's for me to know and for you to never find out" Avery dodged past him and again he held onto her "Let me go"
"What's your name?"
"Why should I tell you?"
Just then Sue's voice came from behind them "Avery, is there a problem?"
Avery's eyes met with the blonde's blue eyes "Uh…"

"Not really" spoke the jerk "Just wanted to know if this cutie over here went to school or not"

That was a lie Avery mused.
Sue smiled "Avery is one of the few who still is in school in Cushe. She ranked top 10 from her last semester at Dahlington University"
"Jerk" raised his eyebrow "Dahlington? –education for the elite?"
"..or gifted" Sue added
Avery glared "I can speak for myself, you know"
"and a fine job your doing at it" he replied now turning to Sue "How is it possible for one like herself to pay into D.U?"
Sue laughed "Well, just like I do. Model"
Avery sighed out of irritation and glanced at Sue "Susan, we should be going"
"Right" she nodded "Well, it was nice to meet you Mr..um"
"Daniels" he smiled.
So jerk had a name. Avery thought.
"Aaron Daniels" Sue shook his hand
"The name sounds familiar" she added

Aaron-jerk-Daniels shook his head "Hardly, you'd hear the name if you were drunk but never out of a regular conversation"
Sue laughed "Oh. Jack Daniels"

He's a grade A class act Avery though again as she gave a feign smile and walked away.

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