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Chapter 9

"Sue, face the camera, darling –there you go" the photographer paused " hands on your hips –yes just like that"

She watched with precision at the models in the room –mentally noting in her mind who needed more practice and those who were just right. Behind her she could her another one of her photographers commenting on a models pose.

"Nice one Avery –lets get a fiercer one this time" she heard him say "your getting better –just let it come to you"

Sipping from her mug of coffee, she watched at her older male models laughing at the corner –waiting their turn. She sighed and glanced at her watch. Magazine shoots were always long –and always seemingly impossible.

"Dante, your turn" she heard one of the two photographers call as the blonde model stepped out of the set.

She smiled at her and the blonde smiled back heading towards her.

"Hey Mrs. Daniels" the blonde acknowledged.

She nodded "Hello"

"Funny meeting you at an actual shoot" she continued.

Sarah Daniels smiled "I know. But it was my son who insisted I go today"

The model raised an eyebrow "Evan or Aaron?"

Sarah look taken back "You know both of them?"

The model smiled "I'm Sue –I had your eldest, Evan for a class once." She paused "And I've been seeing Aaron a bit lately"

"Oh, My" came Sarah's surprised "Well, this is wonderful!"

Sue rose an eyebrow "hmm?"

"Well of course, there must have been some sort of reason that Aaron brought me here today" she edged on her eyes twinkling in the corners.

Sue gave a feign smile "It would seem so…"

Just then a hand came to rest on her shoulder.

"Mother…" the voice began

Sarah Daniels beamed.

"Oh Aaron!" she exclaimed turning to face her youngest son.

He gave a boyish grin as he threw his arm around his mother's shoulders. Sarah Daniels stood about a few inches shorter than her son, but no more no less she has been just the right height for Aaron to engulf her in a hug.

"Sorry to keep you waiting" he apologized as Sarah went on batting his shoulders with her right hand.

"No, it's alright." She returned, "I was hoping you'd come a little later on"

His eyes skimmed the room –intently looking for Avery, who he had spotted in the back end receiving a new outfit from one of the racks. Once the pair had made eye contact, he winked and Avery smiled in return before disappearing into one of the changing booths. He then returned his attention to his mother.

"Hm? –a little later?" he began "why?"

Sarah smiled "Oh Aaron, don't be so modest" she began "now I know why you brought me here. It's Sue isn't it?"

His eyes widened "Sue?"

Sue glanced at him, lost just as he was.

"Your girlfriend? –she told me you've been seeing her a bit lately"

It was Sue's turn to widen her eyes. Sarah went on "Aaron, she's lovely –reminds me a little of myself in my young glory days" she giggled.

Aaron blinked. Sarah Daniels never giggled. This was bad.

"Mother…"he began "I found someone, but it-"

He was cut off.

"-Sue" his mother began "I insist you come over after the photo shoot and have dinner with us"

Sue blinked "I-I .." she looked to Aaron for confirmation but found that he could not even look at her. She forced a smile "I'd be glad too, Ms. Daniels"

Aaron heard his mother go into a fit of giggles "Oh, dear. Please –call me Sarah"

A tinge of uneasiness fell away from Sue's smile "Sarah" she tested.

OH GOD Aaron thought, listening to his mother giggle again.

"Hey, what's going on?" came an additional voice.

Aaron's eyes bulged for the second time.


"Ave-" Sue began as Sarah cut her off.

"Aaron over here…" came Sarah as she winked in her son's direction "was just introducing me to his girlfriend"

Avery blushed.

Sue's eyes narrowed on her.

Avery glanced at Aaron "You told her?"

Sarah smiled "He didn't have to" she beamed and squealed "Aaron and Sue make just a delectable couple"

Avery's eyes budged and her mouth hung slightly open.

"…Sue?" she said breathless now looking at Aaron.

He opened his mouth, but nothing remotely sensible came out. As a matter of fact, nothing came out. Period.

"Of course, Sue" Sarah replied haughtily "I didn't hear myself say anyone else's name"

She paid no attention to this, but kept her eyes glued to Aaron.

Of course, he had all the answers –or so it seemed.

This is your chance, his mind reasoned Avery or Sue.

He looked at Sue –the picture of perfection- and then to Avery.





The corners of Sue's lips curled "He didn't tell you, Ave?" she began watching as Avery's eyes now focused on her.

Now's your chance.

"What?…" her lips trembled.

"I figured he'd tell you the night he dropped you to the shoot" she continued now

walking to Aaron's side to lean against his shoulders.

"That long ago?" Sarah added.

She looked to Aaron –pleading with her eyes for him to tell them otherwise.

He didn't retaliate.

Make mother happy. He thought. Or make me happy.

She wanted to run, but her feet seemed glued to the floor. Deep inside she felt something crawling from the pit of her stomach and up her throat.

"Enough of this" Sarah began "There's lots of time to converse –your taking precious time away from my models- Avery your welcome to come tonight and have dinner with us as well" She reached out and linked arms with Sue "You on the other hand –we have lots of catching up to do"

She remained at her spot even after Sarah and Sue's voice disappeared into the background.


Avery held up her hands "Don't" she spoke "I-I don't want to hear about it"

"It's a mistake, Ave –please, I didn't know how to tell her"

The hand by her side balled up into a fist "You could have started with a No –and then work your way after that"

"It's harder than you think"

"Apprently, it wasn't. You made your choice, Aaron"

"But Sue-"

"-is a bitch" Avery finished "…And I don't want to see either one of your faces again."

"Avery" he took a step forward whilst she took a step back.

"Don't" she continued "I mean what I said"

"But tonight…"

"I can imagine 3 being a crowd" she started "…4 would be suffocating"

She spun her heels.

Aaron grabbed her wrist "Ave, please"

She swung her free hand and slapped him.

"You. Used. Me." She stressed forcing her hand away from his.

She could feel the tears gathering.

He will not see me like this.

"I'm not afraid to hurt you" she said matching her gaze alongside his.

Aaron was stunned.

"Don't ever come close to me" she uttered turning around once more and fled.


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