Versus Crossover
The Eight Realms

Created and Written By Versus-Infinity

Ending of Part 01

"This is for Darren!"

Zane begins concentrating more energy throughout his body and electricity begins sparking wildly around him. While his energy stream continues blasting out of his hands, a sphere of energy buildup begins extending in front of his hands. Once it is at a reasonable size, Zane's aura grows larger and fiercer as it swirls around his body at a deafening speed. The aura suddenly collapses, immediately withdrawing back into Zane's body and triggering a violent chain reaction. As the initial energy streams continue against Anubian's attack, the energy sphere begins releasing smaller energy projectiles that arch towards Anubian at an overwhelming rate. The collisions of the energy projectiles colliding against Anubian fill the sky with thick black clouds of burning hell fire deep within.

The energy stream that Anubian been firing still continues to push aggressively against Zane's just as strong as before. Zane continues his savage barrage as Anubian's body is fully consumed by the onslaught, but the energy stream hasn't weakened. A burst of energy is unleashed, clearing the sky from the smoke and reveals Anubian unharmed in his original position still firing his attack. As if by cue, the discs that are lined up spreads to where they first appeared, as one stays in the center and is holding the energy stream against Zane. The six discs begin rotating slowly clockwise and speeds up as they are gathering more energy, creating a whistling sound. The six discs fire their own energy stream, which spirals closely around the original, and is heading towards the intercept-point.

The six energy streams add their strength and power to the original and overpower Zane's attack like it isn't there. The seven now head toward Zane, swallowing the attack, and rage toward him as nothing he can do can stop the counter. The attack collides into Zane instantly detonating into a catastrophic explosion that consumes Zane and seemingly obliterate anything that it touches. The explosion lasts just as swifts as it came, revealing an enormous city-size crater and changing the once blue sky into deep red. At the very bottom at the center of the crater is Zane lying down unconscious and his body has returned to normal. The five left surviving run to the edge of the crater and try to see down in the pitch-black of the almost bottomless pit.

First Realm Part 02

"ZANE!" Mitsumi cries out frantically, collapsing to the ground sobbing

"This can't be happening," Josenia whispers as she is witnessing the sight in denial.

"That fool. I knew this would happen," Vyse mutters, trying to hide his tears.

"He was supposed to be the Judgment of Life, he can't be gone," Urbine babbles to himself, "I told you fighting him was suicide!"

"You better be alive kid," Drako solemnly looks at the crater, while one of his hands gripping his ribs.

Behind the five, two strange figures are walking up towards them and their aura violently takes their place around their bodies, shaking the ground around them. As Mitsumi continues to sob uncontrollably, the four quickly turns around seeing who's creating such high-energy signatures so close to them. One of them has spiky gray hair, with scars above and below his left eye and wears a cloak that matches his hair. The other one also has spiky hair but darker blue and longer, with an eye patch over his left eye and wears a similar cloak to the first but dark blue. The four seem grateful for the two appearances but nothing will break their harden grief over somebody that influences all of them so greatly. The two try to smile to cheer them up but the four seem to lost all happiness and turn their head to the sides, causing the two to frown.

They try to say something but couldn't find the words so they walk pass the five and towards the edge of the crater. As the two are already in their maximum stage, they look at each other as the one in the gray jumps in the sky and blasts off towards Anubian. The other one jumps over the ledge and uses his powers to launch quicker into the depth of the pit-like crater towards the bottom. The one that went into the crater lands at the bottom and finds Zane still lying unconscious on the ground, which he picks him up. As he is flying out of the pit, an extremely bright light fills the pit and blinds him, forcing him to look away and close his eyes. He finally makes it out of the pit, carrying Zane in his arms and setting him on the ground in front of Mitsumi so she could see him.

"Zane?" the four looks at the pale body on the ground.

"He's alive but just barely," the cloak figure tells Mitsumi, "Josenia, you better take him far away from here and heal him."

"Sure thing Kaine," Josenia responds, with little bit of hope in her voice.

"Thank you," Mitsumi whimpers softly, cradling Zane in her arms.

"I see Zlain is taking care of that bastard that did this to our leader," Kaine says out loud, looking up at the multiple shockwaves of energy in the sky.

"He never ceases to amaze me but he will eventually fail," Vyse tells him.

"Who is he anyways?"

"Some big shot named Anubian that threaten to destroy this realm if he finds nobody worthy," Drako sneers.

"Did anyone else tried to go against him?"

"Only three. Zane…I," Drako starts off hesitating, "And Darren, but he didn't make it."

"Damn, if only I got here sooner for the reunion than we would have a better chance," Kaine angrily growl.

"Don't blame it on yourself. You two weren't the only ones that didn't make it on time," Urbine says, patting Kaine on the back.

"We gotta stop Anubian together if we stand a chance," Vyse finally speaks up.

"We can't just all gang up against an opponent we know nothing about," Urbine snaps.

"So what are we going to do Mister-I-Know-Everything?"

"I don't know. Give me time."

"Well, as you are thinking then I'm going to help Zlain," Kaine finally tells them and immediately launches towards the sky before anybody could say anything.

"Great, we going to have two more badly injured like Zane or dead like Darren," Drako mutters.

"Let them fight a losing battle," Urbine glares at the sky.

"We have to get out of here and take Zane to a safe place for me to properly heal him," Josenia tells them.

"You're right, let's go. We need to get far away from here as possible," Vyse mumbles and they all begin leaving.

While the six were talking to each other, Zlain and Anubian has been matching blows by blows and neither of them seems to be wearing down. Trying to buy enough time for his partner, Kaine, for him to rescue Zane and bring him to the others so they can get away to a safe place. But, as they are fighting, his mind wanders towards the six energy signatures he been concentrating on and is trying to find out why they haven't left yet. He knows that his strength and energy will soon decrease just enough that this new fearsome opponent of his will have the upper advantage against him. He is rarely using excessive energy as he is trying to go for endurance instead of going all out like the other three before him. It has been several minutes already and he can feel the fatigue exhausting him down already knowing that he won't last much longer.

"Watch out," a voice shouts behind Zlain.

"What the?" Zlain quickly looks back, and instinctively floats away from Anubian.

"Take this Anubian!" Kaine shouts as he has his right arm arch back and swings it toward Anubian. With his arm shiny brightly with pure energy, he punches Anubian straight in the face and instantly releases an energy wave. The energy wave carries Anubian straight across the sky and disappears in the horizon. "Expecting somebody else?" Kaine looks at his partner.

"No, I knew you would show up eventually."

"Have you learned anything about this new enemy?"

"Besides knowing that his energy signature stays static the whole entire fight then no."

"So no luck in finding a weakness?"

"I didn't have time finding one. I was trying to distract him till you guys made it to safety."

"You know how hotheaded this team gets without our fame leader conscious."

"Sometimes I wonder how this team stay together."

"He's coming back," Kaine looks at the direction Anubian is coming.

"I sense it too," Zlain replies, turning his head back.

"You ready for this?"

"Of course," Zlain turns toward to the approaching Anubian.

"Prove your worthiness to me," Anubian points to them.

"I'm not going to prolong the fight. If he isn't beaten in couple minutes then we have no choice but to retreat!"

"My energy is already below three-quarters of maximum. We gotta attack him one after another if we want to cause some serious damage."

"Alright I attack right after you finish!" Kaine nods.

"Power of Omanee Ragnorak!" Zlain also yells, his gray aura radiating powerfully around his body. "I'm not going to give you time to react to this attack! Zero Time Crossover!" he yells out as his aura suddenly bursts and extends throughout the area, making all colors to fade into black, gray and white. "Gigas Omega!" he yells, raising his right arm high above him and something begins shiny brightly within his open hand, revealing a small black handle. He swings his arm down to the side with the handle in his grasp and a thermal blade bursts out from the top opening. "Odin's Final Massacre!" he calls out, his aura now furiously blazing around his body, using every once of pure energy.

With weapon in hand, Zlain launches toward Anubian at record-breaking speed and swings his weapon horizontally, as he passes by. The instant his blade goes through Anubian and passes him, he comes back from behind and does another flyby slash, which he returns in a different direction. He then begins picking up pace and is going faster and faster till there is more then one doing a flyby slash attack at the same time. After a while, Zlain's body starts to give off a glow that gets brighter and finally becomes a sparkling ball of light that now goes pass Anubian in different directions. At the end of this flyby hit and run tactic at extreme speeds, the multiple spheres of light heads toward Anubian at the same time in different direction. The spheres detonate instantly once they collide into their target and explode into a similar complete destructive force to Zane's attack.

The smoke from the explosion clears immediately, as Anubian is still suspended motionlessly and is practically uninjured from the latest assault. Zlain appears floating behind Anubian as his hands are gripping the handle of his energy weapon and is gathering massive amount of energy. He slowly opens his eyes, moving his weapon very carefully in a circle, drawing the outer edge of a ring with his thermal energy blade. With the ring visibly in place, he begins drawing a Japanese kanji character in the center space of the outline. He then arches his blade from the right side, over his head, and once it reaches over his left shoulder, he swiftly slashes the ring diagonally. The force of his swing causes another ring to blast towards Anubian, carrying the kanji character inside the center, and the ring barely stops behind him.

Zlain then begins wildly slashing the ring, sending multiple rings to go towards Anubian, as each one stops right before it touches the one in front of it. With several dozen rings lined up between him and Anubian, he moves his weapon overhead and slashes downward vertically at the ring in front of him. The force launches the first ring into the one in front of it and collects each one it passes as it continues it's path towards the last ring with the kanji character. The ring makes contact with the last ring and immediately collides into Anubian, as each direction he slash the ring to launch it, now slashes him the same way. As multiple slashes are taking effect, he kanji character suddenly gets launch ahead and after a certain distance it stops, glowing red.

The kanji character vaguely fades away as a sword pierce through the sky and is sticking out from absolutely nowhere. The blade moves downward as it slices the very fabric of time and space and creates an opening from an unknown dimension. As the blade cuts through the sky, darkness cast down upon the land and an enormous moon now fill the darkening sky behind the tear. As the setting is done by cue, a mysterious knight wearing a magnificent armor of legend and is riding a terrifying stead jumps out of the tear. His unique black armor glints in the darkness by the bright moon behind him as his eyes give off a reddish aura and is wielding a sword of legends. The fame Norse god, Odin, quickly closes the gap between Anubian and him and instantly attacks with several split-second slashes as he passes and disappears instantly.

"Go now before time continues!" Zlain shouts, as he is breathing heavily and the thermal blade from his weapon disappears.

"About time! Power of Omanee Gigas!" Kaine roars, his blue aura radiating violently around his body. "Gigas Alpha!" he summons forth, raising his right arm high above him and a flash appears within his open hand and reveals to be a small white handle. "Quantum Mode!" he calls out, grasping the handle and throwing it up in the air. He then swings both of his arms down at an angle to his sides, which propels a sword underneath his sleeves and into each of his hands. He immediately throws his Quantum Swords up in the air, which now begins to rotate around the white handle and all three begins resonating brightly. "Chaos Vengeance!" he announces his attack without wasting time, as his three weapons fuse into one and he quickly vanishes, grabbing his weapon.

In the middle of his weapons fusing, he swings the fusing weapon with both of his hands towards Anubian, which unleashes an energy crescent. He then blazes through the sky towards Anubian like a comet with his aura trailing behind and is wildly slashing with his weapon. His constant s, ashes create more crescent projectiles as they all hit Anubian and exploding upon impact. After his last slash, his body begins to luminate brightly with energy as he suddenly vanishes and a light shot across the sky, going through Anubian. Kaine appears behind Anubian, and his fused weapon finally takes shape of three thermal blades, with two wrapping around the central longer blade. He swings his weapon at an angle towards the ground, which causes the ground to explode and submerge.

Kaine smiles as he vanishes again and appears heading towards Anubian, and swinging his weapon once he is in range. The force shoots Anubian forward, which Kaine quickly vanishes and Anubian suddenly gets launch up higher in the sky. As Anubian is shooting upwards, a rising whistling sound can be heard and it gets louder at each passing second. He gets hit again but a spherical shockwave can be seen extending outwards, and causes him to get knock into a different direction, which soon is followed but a loud jet-roar. Anubian is now rapidly getting hit, which is followed by the constant spherical shockwave burst and the loud roar that deafens the sky. The rapid hits are now getting faster and fiercer as the shockwaves are becoming explosions and a much more powerful bangs.

As a much larger explosion appears, Kaine finally appears at a distance and is watching the explosion consumes the sky. He switches hand with his weapon and stretches out his left arm out to the side as he closes his eyes. He then lets go of his weapon, which floats aimlessly in place within his hand. The weapon now begins rotating in circles in front of his palm as he stretches his right arm out to the sides and is gathering energy. In a few seconds, his rotating weapon is forming a solid circle and his right hand is sparking unstably with increasingly power. He then brings his left arm in front of him and immediately thrust his right hand towards the center of his weapon. His hand unleashes the stored up energy into the weapon, which amplifies even greater and fires an enormous energy blast towards the explosion.

"Your time is up."


Kaine's energy blast freezes in place and everything seems to be changing between color, black and white, and inverted constantly. He looks around, trying to see what's going on and blink, but once he opens his eyes he's in front of his own attack. His eyes widen when he sees the energy blast heading towards him and knows that there is nothing that he can do to counter. The color remains inverted as time suddenly speeds up and his own attack collides against him, which instantly explodes. The explosion quickly extends throughout the sky, with multiple shockwave rings, and Zlain not believing what just happen. Zlain can see Anubian floating steadily in the sky with his four wings flapping effortlessly. Within Anubian's grip is Kaine being held by his neck and seems to be unconscious by receiving his own attack.

"That's impossible!" Zlain snaps, "You were supposed to be stuck in time!"

"I do not exist in this realm's time, therefore, time has no affect on me," Anubian calmly responds, staring at Kaine's pale face. "Neither of you worthless beings are the one I've been searching for," he continues.

"I don't believe this. Why is this happening? Whom exactly are you searching for?"

"The Eight Angels of the Lost Dynasty."

Several miles away from the dramatic battle, the group of six is flying to get to a safer location to brief on what's happening. Drako is carrying Zane on his shoulder while Mitsumi holds onto Josenia and the other two are scouting ahead. They can hear the devastating sounds coming from the battle behind them until darkness cast upon them and an earth-shattering explosion. In a moment's notice, a shockwave reaches them with fierce intense force, which impacts them like a mighty sledgehammer. The shockwave knocks the girls through the air and they roughly land on the ground. Mitsumi raises herself with her arms to check around and notices that Drako is unconscious with Zane further away. Urbine and Vyse fly back towards the four and land to help the girls to see if they are okay from the shockwave.

"What was that explosion?" Josenia asks hurrying to Drako and Zane.

"I didn't detect any energy signature," Vyse tells them, looking towards the direction of the battle.

"Are the two okay?" Urbine asks, walking up from behind.

"Drako is unconscious. His ribs didn't make a full recovery when I tried healing him earlier. I need to get him and Zane to a safe place to properly heal them," Josenia advises.

"This is Cali Island," Vyse sarcastically utters, "Where can we go?"

"My sensei has a cabin up at Eden's Garden for training because of the energy up there," Mitsumi explains to them.

"It's a start," Urbine agrees, "Eden's Garden is engulfed in spiritual energy so Anubian has no way of tracking us there if that's how he found us in the first place."

"We better hurry before…" Vyse tries to say but Zlain suddenly crashes down on the ground, "…Zlain?"

Josenia rushes to Zlain but stops when he she sees Anubian floating down with Kaine still in his grip. "Zlain. Kaine. You bastard! What did you do to them?" she yells, as she kneels down next to Zlain.

"I'm getting tired of all the pests you sent at me," Anubian glares at the four, and then tosses Kaine to them. "You are testing my patience real quick."

"What do you want from us?" Mitsumi yells at him.

"The Eight Angels of the Lost Dynasty."

"The Eight Angels? Lost Dynasty? What are you talking about anyways?" Vyse raises his eyebrow not entirely taking interests.

"If you desire to know then beat me and I shall tell you," Anubian sneers.

"Do we have a chance against this monster?" Vyse glances toward Urbine.

"I doubt it. Zane lost to this bastard," Urbine angrily mutters back, glaring at Anubian

"This is no good and I am also no good to what I am about to say. Take the girls and the four luggages out of here while I distract this son of a bitch. Eventually I last long enough for him to leak some information which could buy you more time to escape."

"That's a first Vyse. Since when do you act all hero and shit?"

"Get going before I totally regret my decision, but even so, I am not going to change my mind about this."

"It's time like these I wish I had a video camera," Urbine grins, as he rushes to the two girls.

"What's happening?" Josenia asks him.

"Vyse is going to take on Anubian to buy us some time to get away."

"That's insane. This monster is going to kill him. We have to stop him!" Josenia shouts, but Urbine immediately slaps her.

"Get a hold of yourself. If we don't' let Vyse do this then he's going to kill all of us. Do you know what will happen next? Everybody you ever cared about will also die. We got to get out of here at any chance we get and Vyse is giving us that chance. What will Darren do?"

"Darren," Josenia whispers softly with tears flooding down, "You're right. I was being selfish. I was thinking about one person while Vyse was thinking about everyone. I can never believe that Vyse will do this but I believe in him."

"Will you three get going?" Vyse yells back, giving a thumb up at them, "I got this."

"Please be careful!" Josenia calls out.

"You know me," Vyse replies, glaring at Anubian and getting into an offensive stance.

"Live," Urbine mutters as he looks back at Vyse and picks up the three. He tries to carry Zane but the look that Mitsumi is giving him causes him to change his mind. "Let's go!" Urbine calls out, nodding to the girls and they nod back, getting ready to fly away.

"Who said anybody is allowed to go?" Anubian watches them fly off. He quickly waves his right arm that an invisible force knocks them back down. The three land on the ground roughly, knocking the girls out cold and Urbine struggling to get up but is being held down.

"Leave them out of this!" Vyse furiously yells at Anubian, "This is between you and me!"

"Wrong. All of you are nothing but worthless pests. There isn't challenge here. I'll exterminate all of you at once." Anubian coldly responds, raising his left arm and pointing his palm at Vyse.

"Damn. I can't fight him and protect the others at the same time."

"Be gone with you," Anubian utters under his breath, while electricity is sparking uncontrollably around his body. Each spark that strikes the ground causes it to explode, creating multiple craters all around him as his power is increasing each passing second.

"He's packing a lot more punch than the attack he used on Zane. Who the hell is this guy" Vyse stutters, knowing there is nothing he can do against this attack in his current form.


Anubian automatically launches his assault into the form of an energy blast projectile that heads straight for Vyse. In order to protect the others behind him, he raises his right arm towards the projectile and concentrates his energy to form a shield. In a sudden rapid session, energy blasts from above begin colliding into the first blast and immediately nullifies it into nothingness. More energy blasts are raining down from above causing dust and smoke to rise and completely cloud the area. Seconds later, the smoke slowly clears out, and little by little, reveals Anubian standing in his original position. Vyse drops his arm noticing that Anubian still has right arm pointing straight at him and wonders why he isn't moving. Vyse quickly looks up as a mysterious figure shrouded in a cloak lands in front of him and holds a long staff in his hands.

"It's you," Vyse utters in shock and then narrows his eyes, "And you're late."

"Sorry if I kept you guys waiting," it says while taking off his hood and revealing his blue-violet hair, "I took the wrong turn to get here."

"I was beginning to think that you wouldn't show, Ryo."

"I'm not the only one that here's," Ryo replies while Vyse looks up and sees four other people floating in the sky.

"So you all made it," Vyse smirks, "About time."

"Enough of the chit-chat. Its time to show how powerful five Omanees are," Ryo waves his hand back to Vyse and twirls his staff in his other hand. "Omanee Psychic!" he yells as his aura completely envelops him and causes his hair to lift up, moving back and forth. "Leon! Alex! Nash! Trip! He's all yours. Hit him at the same time while I hold him for you!" Ryo yells toward the four, as he swings his staff upwards which launches Anubian into the sky and stops in the center of the four.

"Omanee Phoenix!" Leon calls out as fire bursts behind his body and forces his hood off revealing his long spiky red hair. The fire that bursts out behind him suddenly takes form of a blazing fiery phoenix and then using its body to encase Leon within it. "Hellfire's Wrath!"

"Omanee Eden!" Alex shouts, as green mists begin to swirl around his body, and then his aura blasts around his body radiating brightly. The blast causes his hood to be blown off revealing his shoulder-length green hair and fireflies like specks flying around him. "Life's Vengeance!"

"Omanee Electrocution!" Nash yells as lightning begins striking wildly around him and electricity sparking unstable throughout his body. He spread both arms out from his sides, as a lightning bolt strikes him, and the force of the collision blasts his hood back revealing his blonde hair. "Thunder God Fury!"

"Omanee Dragonite!" Trip commands as he raises his right arm above him, and energy flows from his palm, spiraling down his arm and continuing down his body. As the energy encircles Nash, it quickly transform into a dragon causing his hood to be blown off and revealing his sky blue hair. The dragon flies off and then spirals back around Nash's body, roaring once it gets settled. "Dragon's Rage!

The four Omanees launch their attack at once towards Anubian, whom is stuck by Ryo's unique psychic ability. They all successfully impact Anubian simultaneously causing a chain of devastating explosions as it rapidly releases supernova shockwaves. Vyse quickly puts up a shield, which protects his self and the five that are unconscious behind him from the aftermath of the explosions. Ryo swings his staff upwards again firing a purple shade energy blast towards Anubian from the bottom, which upon impact causes a much fiercer explosion. As if by cue, something flash within the explosion and five colored energy spheres shoot out towards the corresponding Omanees, colliding into them instantly. Five separate explosions occur which immediately disrupts Vyse's shield and causes total destruction to the area.

The explosion in the center vanishes quickly as Anubian appears to be unharmed and his aura is violently radiating outside his body. "Enough of your insolence!" Anubian shouts with strong enough force that his voice quickly blows away the multiple explosions around him. The four Omanees are on the ground badly injured with cuts and bruises while most of Vyse's shield has been shattered but still protected him and the five.

Ryo is still standing but is using his staff to keep balance, as his knees are shaking wildly, "Impossible. I thought I had him He's a lot stronger than I thought"

"Is there any way to defeat this bastard?" Vyse says losing hope.

"Zane is our last chance," Ryo barely gets out before collapsing to his knees.

"We need to get him to a safe place. He needs all ten Omanees if we going to survive this."

"What are we going to do?"

"Shit, I don't' know! Either Zane or Urbine will find a way."

"Guys," a female voice calls out to them and the two turn around seeing Mitsumi kneeling down next to Zane.

"Mitsumi you're awake," Vyse stutters.

"I'm going to hold him off while you get Zane and the others to a safe place," she continues to speak as she stands up.

"Are you insane! Zane will kill everyone here if he finds out!"

"You have no choice in the matter!" she shouts and begins to cry, "If you guys don't do this then everyone will die!"

"I know but I can't let you do this."

"You are a good friend Vyse but you can't talk or stop me from doing this."

"As long I am still breathing I will not let you sacrifice your own self."

"I don't want you to die. Sailennia is waiting for you back at home. Please promise me that you will return to her."

"You know I can't promise that and you know that I can't let you do this either!"

"It's all right. I made up my mind. It's time for you guys to go. I will bribe enough time for all of you to get out of here and get properly healed."

"Mitsumi, please don't do this. Don't do this to Zane."

"I know what I must do. I have to do this, for him."

"I don't care!"

"Vyse, please keep an eye on Zane for me. Make sure he doesn't get in trouble and please help him find the perfect girlfriend. Ryo?"

"Yes Mitsumi," Ryo responds, sniffling.

"You know what I want you to do and you know you are the only one who is able to do it."


"Don't do it Ryo!" Vyse shouts.

"Do you know where to go?" Mitsumi calmly asks.

"Yes." Ryo solemnly replies.

"Are you going to stop me?" Mitsumi asks quietly as Ryo seems to be hesitating.


"Thank you," she sniffs as she hugs Ryo from behind and then lets go, walking away.

"Mitsumi!" Vyse cries out, rushing to Mitsumi but collapses to his knees due to fatigue, "Shit."

"Take care," Mitsumi turns around, smiling with tears coming down.

"Mitsumi!" Vyse yells with all of his strength.

"I'm sorry guys," Ryo stutters as he stands up and raises his staff. "Please return to us," he whispers and Mitsumi weakly nods.

"Ryo you bastard!"

"Power of Omanee Psychic!" Ryo barely shouts as he uses the last of his energy and all twelve suddenly vanish, leaving Mitsumi and Anubian alone.

"This is new," Anubian coldly whispers, landing on the ground.

"I won't let you harm the one I love!" Mitsumi cries out angrily with tears flooding down.

Mitsumi closes her eyes as she tilts her head down and clasps both of her hands against her chest, concentrating her energy. A whitish aura begins to flicker, which faintly begins to glow around her body and is giving off pure energy that lifts up her raven black hair. She then begins to levitate off the ground and raises higher tills he is couple yards off the ground as her aura is becoming stronger. Her chest releases a faint flash as she moves her arms outward and seems to be lifelessly floating in the sky. Pearl white-featured wings attach to her back begins to grow and stretch outwards till it reaches full wing span, longer than several times her height.

"An angel or a goddess? Are you one of the eight angles I'm looking for?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I really don't care. I only want you to stay away from Zane!"

Mitsumi speeds toward Anubian like a raging comet, causing the ground below her to be splitting apart by her intense force. Anubian grips onto a handle of one of his weapons and mere moments before she reaches him he quickly takes out his weapon. He thrusts the blade straight into her chest, which stops her in her tracks and her wings curled around them, with loose feathers floating everywhere. Mitsumi slowly begins to shed tears as she suddenly begins to smiles and as she uses her wings to propel them toward the sky. Anubian tries to takes out his blade from within her but she has a firm grip onto the blade and wouldn't let go. Mitsumi closes her eyes and begins to think about all the times she spent with Zane and wishes harder than ever that she has more time with him. As the two go higher and higher towards space, along the way Mitsumi's aura immediately is glowing brighter and finally explodes.

To Be Continued...