Won Freedom


A strong name to live up to,

Land of the free,

Many rights are here for you,

Freedom was won,

By brave soldiers all by name,


Showing that we have no shame.

Battles were fought,

Friends and loved ones had to die,

For our freedom,

To be won for you and I.


God laid down His grace on thee,


Fought for freedom to be free.

We broke the chains,

Our flag still waves in the sky,


Was won for you and I,

Through the hardships,

Our soldiers faced the violence,

God gave them strength,

To carry on through the silenceā€¦

Our waving flag,

Shows us freedom for today,

For we are free,

And they can't take that away,

Our brave soldiers,

Dying to give us this right,

Pledging freedom,

We should take a stand and fight,

For we are all,

An American by heart,

We are all free,

Through God, freedom won't depart.

By: Meaningless Tears & Princess Gloom