Canada Guy and Mr. Joe in…

Maple Syrup

December 5, 2005, New York, NY

Mr. Joe was cooking pancakes for his 5 kids when he got an idea. His pancakes where always so bland with the plain syrup be put on them.

So he thought "I need something with more kick to it. But what can I use?"

As if drawn by his words (which he was) Canada Guy Came bursting through the kitchen wall.

"Are your pancakes tasting bland?" he boomed.

"Yes," Mr. Joe exclaimed.

"Need more flavor?"


"Then you need All Canadian Maple Syrup!" he yelled out dazzlingly, "All the great taste of syrup but with a cool twist! Its Canadian, eh!"

"Wow does it really make things taste good?"

"Of course it does, we put a maple leaf on our flag didn't we? And it's importedeh!"

"Wow imported!"

"Yep imported," said Canada guy, "You can enjoy the amazing taste of maple for only $15.00 Canadian or $3.50 US. And since I'm in a good mood and I happen to have a bottle in my utility belt, ill give you a bottle for free, eh? So you can enjoy the great taste of Maple Syrup today!"

Canada Guy placed down the bottle on the countertop and turned towards the giant hole in the kitchen wall but was stopped when Mr. Joe said

"Wait! Who are you?" he called.

"Why I'm Canada Guy, eh!" he called back as he leapt out the hole and out into the morning sky.

"Thank you Canada Guy!" yelled Mr. Joe, contently clutching the bottle of fresh maple syrup in his hands like a gift from god. It was the answer to all of his pancake needs.