A/N: This is the account of what happened in my mind when he came into my life and we became each others… it is also the account of how I felt when a little drama wound itself into our lives… it may not make sense to anyone, but it makes sense to me… and that's all that counts for me… I really like him… and I'm happy of what we have to so far. I wish ourselves luck for the future..

Searching through the haze of life and thoughts
Unknown of every step and corner
Treating each event as the same
Slowly, inching forward to a new beginning
A new person to join me in this thick haze

The first spoken word, causing excitement
Ending my lonely mind
Filling this dark haze with a soft green and yellow
Wiping away boredom, pain, and sadness
Instead switching with happiness, bliss, and ecstasy

Too much joy to be treated with warmth
Suspicion and disbelief ingrain themselves
Questions pour like a waterfall
Pure joy battling with tainted pain

Carelessness creep behind tainted pain and attack
Pure joy washes away any questions
Rationality scatter and recklessness replace it
Temporary promises are made
Hope and faith linger as long as possible

Painful truth reappears... and truly causes hurt
All signs of nirvana are washed away
Reality and confusion are back with a vengeance
Begging me to wake up and think
Listen to the truth and accept it

Stuck yet again in a dream of pain and bliss
Reluctant to leave and escape this perfect blend of dream and nightmare
But the real need to live in reality is preferred
Living in a fantasy can only bring so much joy
Until the following pain becomes so much greater

So many quotes come to mind:
"Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"
"The greatest thing in life is to love and to be loved in return"
But… truly it is best to stick to the simplest and less dramatic
There is so much time to live and love
Let the course take you anywhere you must go
"Sometimes, you can find the truth in the journey than the final destination"