Fading into black,

I enter your realm.

My entire body goes slack...

It's you that's in control.

You own me.

It's as if I am only your property.

A toy, your creation.

You use my exquisite imagination.

I make you feel alive,

After you have been dead for so long.

In the darkness of your existence,

I make you feel like you belong.

But why must you hurt me,

To believe.

Why can't this love just be?

Why can't I see you outside of these dreams?

I love the way you smell,

Like fresh Plumeria on a lap of snow.

I hear your voice,

As if it were angels singing.

I long for your caress,

Strong, tender, loving, setting my soul on fire.

You're the flame of my desire.

I long to sleep.

To be here with you

In my dreams.