"Jess wake up!"

"Huh!?... Go away Dennis!"

"Mom says you have to get up for your first day of high school."

"Fine, I'll be down in a second. What are you doing up anyway, its 6:30? You don't have to wake up for another hour!"

"I was too excited! I get to g to middle school."

"Well, you know when you get there it's tradition to stuff each 6th grader in their locker on there first day especially when they're younger."

As Dennis ran out of my room screaming I got up with a chuckle. I just love to torture my little brother. He's too smart for his own good. He skipped 5th grade so now he's going to middle school. My senior year will be a nightmare! He's only ten but thank God I don't have to deal with him this year. This year I start high school with my older sister, Brittany, she's a senior. Lucky me! (Note my sarcasm.) She's nice to me but only when we're in the privacy of our own home, sometimes. Anytime she's around her friends or boyfriend, Jarrett, she treats me like dirt. I like her boyfriend, but not in the romantic sort of way, like an older brother. I wouldn't mind if they got married. I think they will eventually. They love each other so much and you can tell. I can't wait! One reason is because Brittany would move out and I'd have my own room again.

"Jessica Marie! Get down here now! How dare you scare your brother like that!?"

Great! Cry baby gets his way again.

"I'm coming Mom I just have to get dressed."

Mom. What more do I have to say. I love her but my brother's smart and my sister is popular. So what am I to her? Oh yeah! The one that works her butt off feeding the family dinner, cleaning, and watching my little brother after I walk over and pick him up after school. I do all that stuff plus get good grades in school. I wish I could play soccer but my parents won't let me. Yeah I have a 'Dad' if you want to call him that. He's never home, always working late night. Most people think our parents are divorced but of coarse they would never do that. Our family is very into our Christianity faith.

'Are you done yet Jessica? I have to talk to you!" Mom screamed up the stairs.

"I'm coming!"

As I got down stairs I got the 'your-brothers-younger-than-you-and-you should-be-nice-to-him' speech which I mostly blocked out. I also got grounded which was a bummer.

The first day went okay. Of course I got lost and when I tried to ask my sister she shunned me from her and her friends. At least Jarrett was nice and showed me around.

"So where's your next class Jess?" he asked.

"Umm, let me see."

I pulled out my schedule and gave it to him. As he studied the schedule I questioned him.

"What's wrong with Brit? I haven't seen you guys together almost all day."

"Nothing, she's just occupied with her friends that she hasn't seen over summer. We see each other all the time so…yeah."

"Oh, okay."

"Your next class is right down the hall on your left and stay on her good side."

"Okay thanks so much!"

"Let me know if you need anything else."

"Okay thanks again. Are you coming over after school?"

"Maybe, but I have to get to class. See you later."

"Okay, me too, bye."

Can you see why I love him? He's so nice. I can't wait until he's my brother. I have a feeling he's going to propose to her at the prom this year. I'm excited. I wonder how my brother is doing.