A silent embrace on the doorstep
Your hand clasped in my own
Praying to the lord that I am dreaming
Tempted to break from the hold
Because I feel the harshness in your breath
The severe heartache in my grasp
That tears into my soul
Leaving me breathless, breathless

"Secrets are meant to be held inside
Even those that hurt the one you love"
What you told me when we lay in the grass
Watching clouds float by in the blue
I wished for your mouth against my cheek
Against my neck, against my mouth,
Upon my beating heart

Now it bleeds
Ruptured inside, now it bleeds
And I can't hold back all the suffering
See it killing me inside
Watch me cry deep within
Hear my painful sobs in the wind
Touch the shallow air
Feel my face in the darkness

Picture me waiting on the sand
Listen for the screams from in my hand
As I push all the sadness away into the sea
Like foreign memories
And the scars wash away from me
Into the clashing waves
Where I fall into the pounding force
Soundlessly float away with the movement of the waves
They take me away from your hate
From your loathing; from the ache in your heart

So I bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed, bleed
Bleed into the sea
Let its comforting swell wash over me
As I become unseen...