Dream a little dream,

Whisper your scream,

Sounds in the night,

Scare you in spite

Of your claims.

So stop pretending you aren't afraid.






Escape the madness you create,

As that will just perpetuate

The crimes you commit

Every time you speak

Words that aren't yours

Words you don't believe

Words you don't understand

Words that they tell you to say

Words that they want you to spread

Like the disease

That is ignorance.


Only blissful if you don't know that it exists.

Only useful if you wish to control

Only loved by those already infected.

Fight it off, damn you!

Dream a little dream,

Tear at the seam

Between the fears that stand

Between your hopes and the hand

That can save you from yourself.

Never be afraid to ask for help.

Never be afraid to be wrong.

Never cease trying to fix your mistakes.

Never stop being human.

Just live.