I'm still in semi-denial of what's really going on.
A year into the making
and you fucking left it all
for your own selfish excitation
for something new
something different
something precarious.

You know why they call it
a rebound relationship,

You weren't worth your last lies
not even for the angelic memories
that I held onto for a second too long
in a brief lapse of your judgement
you thought too fast and was too unaware
of memento mori
and you won't find someone
as astounding as me,
as you have to know by now.

I am better then most.
I have a potent personality
and not I'm going to
let you rub salt in a wound
that is already scabbed
and it's too late to go back
I promise that these are the last lines
I will ever waste on your sorry ass
It's a full moon tonight
and I have a date
that's off your selfish beaten track.

Psh. Men.
At the risk of writing an emotastic poem.
It was pretty nice to get it out.
I will never waste my ink on him again, though.
I always return the favor.