and I'm traveling down this dusty old road
to your yellow door house for the last time
My braids flapping in the dry summer breeze
as I'm pushing every last bit of strength I
have into these bicycle wheels
and I can hear Georgia call my name from
where she stands screamin'
"please baby don't make no mistakes"
Dust and grime on my face
Except for the line where the tears rolled freely
and finally I was there at your little country house
dreamin' up memories of lemonade and rainy summer days
sorrowfully collapsing on that swing on your front porch
Your mama comes out and says "sweetie dont cry no more"
but her words mean nothing
because she's holding back her sobs too
And I can still see where we road bikes last week,
the grass still creased
flowers crushed
and your daddy comes out and gives me a hug
whisperin' "he's in a better place now, we'll realize that any day"
as our summer sun fades down
over your freshly dug grave
that smells bitterly of death and earthworms and tears
and my freckles fade into my pale face
from the pain of losing my best friend
and I knew I was never coming back to see you again
the only way I remember you are from those
big-toothed smile photographs
sitting on my dresser
dreaming of what could have been, what we could be
and crying 'cause you were just too special
to die so soon