Walk on the ballroom floor
Clock is racing at the sound of a beating heart
Silent laughter in the air
Pushing further towards my face
Taste the fear forming in my breath
Intense emotion flood my eyes
Breaking me inside; tearing me out
Their brutality consumes me

Please, believe me
I tried to become a different person
Please, don't hurt me
I'm sickened by myself, don't you know
The world is so broken
I've held this promise in my hands
Let me breathe in this frigid air
And make me seal up the nonsense
Oh, please, let me be frozen

Shattered mirror, my reflection a mess
The piercing stares cause a distortion
I dread this life now that I see it closer
Feeling the pressure of melting from torture


Disguise me with my own hatred
For the people who drown in the egos
I've been inside a dungeon that captivates my fears
I held onto the happiness that now disappeared
As the screaming keeps burning inside of me
The screaming defeats me

Please, believe me...
The world isn't fair
Unkind to the fallen
Destroying the beaten
Beware to the standing
Your time will come
When the world will stop turning
And you will be stopped

Please, believe me
I dreamt for a new beginning
Please, don't hurt me
I'm tired of this life that I know
The world conceived me
I've been a hope for this land
Let me breathe in this cold, cruel world
And give me a reason to live
Oh, please, let me be frozen