A/N: My 1st date since I was heart broken. Time to pick up the pieces and push on. Even if it is only a date. I think I'm going to enjoy the single life. If he can move on so can I...

I was nervous as can be. Twiddling with my hair leaning against the brick wall hoping he didn't stand me up. A foot ball star asked me out on a date?…It has to be a joke…

He pulled into the movies I couldn't believe it. He was a nice guy –just graduated not even a week ago, football jock star, handsome, well built –everything. He couldn't be a nice guy. Guys like him were jerks. Guys like him made fun of me in high school and called me fatty. Yet, there he was –there very star athlete of my school (well until they gave me to boot) standing right in front of me.

He flashed me a perfect, white smile, "Hey there! I thought you were ganna stand me up!"

I couldn't help but look around and see if any of his buddies were with him. None in sight.

"Why would I do that? I've wanted to see this movie forever!" I smiled and tried to seem as genuine as possible. It wasn't that hard to fake –in fact I wasn't faking it. I was actually getting pretty excited.

He gave me a hug and we walked into the theater. He held the door open for me -not used to that at all. He smiled and said, "Ladies first." It was nice. I started to pull my money out of my pocket and he put his hand over mine.

"Two, please."

"No. It's ok I have my own money."

"I asked you on the date. The guy is supposed to pay for the date. I'm just old fashioned like that. If I didn't want you here I wouldn't have asked you."

Wow. He is paying for me? I'm not used to that either….

"Want anything to munch on or drink?"

I shook my head and said, "No thanks." He shrugged and guided his arm around my waist in a very gentle sort of way. Not a we-are-a-couple sort of way. Not holding me too tightly to him or anything like he would if were dating –but in a first-date-let-me-lead-the-way sort of way.

When we got into the movies we talked about everything. Everything around us related to something or other. It could have been a funny story from a child hood memory, something relating to school, a silly joke we once heard, a broken bone –anything. We even got so into talking we didn't realize the movie was starting and got 'shhed' at a good 3 or 4 times before we got the idea to shut up.

Still, the movie went on and we still whispered funny little things to one another and laughed at parts in the movie that only we thought were funny, which in turn made us laugh even harder.

He has the same sense of humor as me. That's good….and hard to find.

A few times his hand bumped mine in what I think was an attempt to hold my hand –but I wasn't too sure so didn't risk it. Each time was like static running through my fingers and up my belly thinking "Is he going to do it this time? Should I open my hand more?" I felt like a little girl on a date with her first crush.

When the movie ended we stayed and watched the funny credits while the impatient people around us filed out. Good thing we were sitting in a corner. All they could worry about was getting home and doing their daily chores –not us. We were living in the moment, even if it was in an almost infantile way.

After a few more good laughs and the room cleared out we got up and headed towards the door.

"That movie was great! Even if it was a bit juvenile. Thanks a lot for taking me."

He smiled again. It made me blush. "Of course! It was really good. We really need to do it again."

He held the door open for me. Again. More blushing and giggling like an idiotic school girl. He liked it –it made him laugh in a deeper more humble jest in return.

After 2 more doors being held open for me and a good thousand hand bumps we walked outside to find it was still pretty light out. We just stood there for a second. He was even acting a little nervous.

"So…uh…there is still time to kill. Want to get some coffee?" He was shuffling his feet but made sure to never lose eye contact. What a gentlemen…

"Sure." More blushing.

"Let's go to Seattle's –Star Buck's makes me gag."

"Me, too!...wait Seattle's is closed by now."

"Well, then –let's get a bite to eat! How about BW3's?"

"Sure! I'm actually pretty hungry. I didn't eat much at dinner."

We made light talk as we walked in and he, again, held the door open for me.

I could get used to this.

He waved at the waitress and said hello and talked for a bit. We kept bumping into people he knew. He knew everyone. They all seemed happy to see him, too. He must be a good guy. No more dark-sided men for me –that's for sure.

We sat down and we talked and talked and talked. The waitress had to come by 3 times just for us to order hot wings because we kept losing track of time. She wasn't annoyed –she would just smile and come back, giggling each time we gave her the 'uhh' look when she would ask us if we were ready yet. After a good 20 minutes of talking and realizing that we came there to eat we went with 18 extra-spicy garlic hot wings to split.

When she brought them out we both laughed at the fact they were so spicy that you could see a mild heat-wave coming off of them- but they were cool to the touch. When I lifted it to my mouth and took a breath in before biting into it I had to gasp for air.

"Yhea it'll do that to you." Another perfect, white smile.

He's much more attractive then in his pictures…it's been so long since I've seen him…

I smiled, wrinkled my nose, took a big breath in, and bit down hard. My face was covered in hot sauce and ranch dressing. He just laughed at me and did the same.

"Geez. I'm such a mess. Not the most elegant thing to order." I giggled a bit, wiped my mouth, and looked around to see who saw it.

"Who cares? It taste good and it's not like everyone doesn't make a mess when they eat them. I'd rather a girl eat something good and not be afraid to mess up her lip gloss then one who orders a small salad and some fake-o carrots. Let them look –they are just jealous they don't have hot wings and we do!" he smiled and I could see the chicken between his teeth. It was cute and made me smile back.

"I have an idea. Hot wing contest. If I win you have to buy me that Fudge Cake I've been eyeing up the entire night." I grinned wide and pointed over to the display case taunting me with its over-flowing whipped cream and mini chocolate kisses.

"Deal. Hands on your hips and count to 3….ready…one….two…three."

We both mowed down the wings until there was only one left. We looked up at each other and almost spewed food everywhere when we saw each other's faces. I almost chocked I was laughing so hard and still had yet to swallow the last 2 hot wings I ate. After we finally chewed our food up and could talk without sounding like our mouths were paralyzed we both laughed and wiped off our faces.

Suddenly he looks at me really seriously, "Erica…..I have something to tell you."

Oh no. Not good. "What?" I could feel my heart pounding.

"You have….You have something on your FACE!" and with that he smugged a bit finger of sauce all over my right cheek. I giggled and got an even bigger handful and got him back.

By the time we realized it was getting late we had to go.

"I'll still buy you the fudge cake –even though you didn't win. How about next week?"

Is he serious? This is amazing!

"Defiantly. I can't wait."