Raindrops rippling in my coffee cup
What's left of shelter is my hand
Covering my cigarette
Protecting it from the all wet
The only mark left
From where I (used to) stand
Is the dry outline of footprints
Slowly washing away with everything else
Baby, it's cold outside,
Won't you please let me in?

& it kills me to know
It takes two to tango
That I am at just as much fault
& there is no way left to prove
I love you.
I long for that good-bye kiss,
I never got.
I want to fix this
But I desolated my own chances
& I hate myself for it

I guess I can't keep a promise to myself. I'm not as strong I pretend to be.
I'm just trying to protect myself & for you -I end that here. My walls are coming down.
I'm walking straight into traffic and I hope to god I make it to the other side.

It would be hard to fix it -but it would be better then before.
& easier then pretending it's not there.

Here's to hope.