Her Mask

She wears a mask of innocence,

With a smile of beautiful pearls,

and eyes that shimmer with laughter,

and such a gentle voice.

Her hair is done so perfectly,

Without a single misplaced strand.

She wears a mask of make-up,

With full red glossed lips,

and glittering eye shadow

that complements her grey eyes.

Her hair is held back with a butterfly clip,

and her nails shimmer from the metallic pink polish.

Behind her mask of beauty,

Nobody sees her pain,

Her broken smile,

Her glazed over eyes,

And a voice that is far away.

Behind red lip gloss,

No one sees her trembling lips as she whispers

"Save me."

Her eye shadow hides the pain in her eyes,

and no one sees how carelessly she did her nails.

Through all her physical beauty,

No one can see her broken heart.