Choices - "... And All I Become, was a Dead corpse"

I am in the hospital,

and the pain all over is endless.

I see my mother weeping constantly.

I try to tell her not to be sad,

I try to tell her I'm sorry.

But I am too weak to speak.

The only thing I can do is breathe.

Breathe until the time runs out.

I look at my sister.

I try to get her attention,

But she is also in shock.

Her hands covering her face,

as silent tears stream down her cheeks.

I try to tell her,

Don't screw up in life like me.

Don't choose the path I did.


Look at what has happened to me.

I thought doing all this brought happiness.

But sis,

doing drugs,

it didn't bring that happiness.

At first I was happy,

I thought I had friends.

The drugs made me feel good.

I was the popular one.

But then,

after a while,

things changed.

I would come to class googly-eyed, sis.

I would smell like drugs.

No one wanted to sit beside me.

My popularity was no more.

My grades began to drop.

Sis, I failed in life.

I deserved it sis.

But this is an example for you sis.

I don't want you to be like me.

I want you to achieve something in life, sis.

I want you to be happy.

This is my message to you sis.

Become something in life, sis.

I love you and mum dearly.

As my eyes have opened for the last time,

I pray to god,

that he will take care of my family.

As I closed my eyes for the last time,

my only wish would be,

that if I had another chance,

if I could live life one more time,

I would make sure,

that I would never do the same mistakes again.

And all I had become,

was a dead corpse.