I wanna be beautiful

See lust in a soft brown eye

Envy following me

Whenever I pass you by

I wanna be beautiful

The Venus of your heart

I want you to look at me

At least, that'd be a start

I wanna be beautiful

Be begged for the least smile

And have you stare at me

And dream of my every wile

Oh, why can't I be beautiful?

Is it really too much to ask?

To have you care for me

Is my impossible task

Oh, why can't I be beautifu?l

To see desire in your eyes

I'd gladly trade all I have

To hear a single sigh

Oh, why can't I be beautiful?

For just a single day

And have him look at me

In any other way

A/N: I think everyone can commiserate with this one. After all, who in the world hasn't felt ugly at one time or another? And who hasn't felt invisible, at one time or another, to the person they wanted to notice them most?

Luv ya,
Tashi :)