Dark Despair

Swamping darkness
Spreading fear
And deep despair
A single pinprick
Of ghostly light
Barely there
In my sight
I reach out
Moving toward
That single dot
One step forward
Tendrils wrapped
All around me
Holding me there
Struggling wildly
Fills my soul
And I keep fighting
To reach my goal
Sounds explode
All around me
The sound of freedom
Can it be?
Running forward
Towards the light
Crying loudly
Prepared to fight
For my freedom
From the darkest hole
The most painful place
Inside my soul
Can I make it
Finally free?
There's still doubt
Inside of me
A brighter light
When I get close
An inch away
My excitement shows
And a single hope
Begins to bloom
No longer lonely
With plenty of room
I run into the light
Breathe in the air
Glory in the feeling
Completely without care
I feel a smile
Spread on my face
Loving the freedom
And the space

A/N: It's kind of corny, but it helped my mood when I wrote it, so it was worth something to me. Hope you all like it!

Luv ya,
Tashi :)