Keep on going Just keep on walking Something will be waiting for you Someone at the end of the road Just let it go Let it flow You will get there someday Just keep going till you find your way Just hold on For as long as you can Come on, little girl You will make it Have faith, child No, don't cry Those tears won't change it Nothing can change it Run, far away Letting go of my tired soul Maybe it knows where to go No, that is not me It is not me It can't be Haven't I got any spirit? Is it all that hollow? Hanging by a tear Hanging to all that's dear To my memory, to my heart Let it go… How can I? It is so hard to say goodbye I don't think I can make it I'm not so strong without you Just keep on walking… Just keep on walking… What if I get lost? What am I supposed to do? I can't forget you… What am I supposed to do?