Lyrical Love

Waiting outside my window

You ask me things that you want to know

And I reply back clearly

Secretly wanting to just hold you dearly

I'll be leaving soon

But don't worry

I'll leave you my papers strewn

And there it will be

Hidden in the depths of every word and note I wrote

My lyrical love

Our hearts may be intersected

But there's always an alternate path

You may feel you're not blessed yet

But it's all hidden under the wrath

These words are the guide to my heart

So get a start

My lyric

My lyrical love

And when you look into my eyes

The world should just stop

Because you're my blessing in disguise

And I don't want to miss any part

Just hold me tight

And it'll all be all right

Here alone with you

There's nothing more I'd want to do

Words of love pour out of my heart and into my pen

My lyrics you seem to understand

My lyrical love