The End

Shayla had been watching the garden all night, waiting for the boy to enter it. At about half past five he did. She saw his pale face, bright under his flaming hair, like a beacon in the soft morning light. Steeling herself for what she was about to do, Shayla took a deep breath and walked out of her colorless room for the last time.
She quietly made her way down to the garden. Entering she took another deep breath and glanced at the clock hanging over the entrance, nearly five fifty it read. Shayla quickly walked to the large weeping willow hidden off in a corner and slipped through its lament like branches. Jack looked up at her, startled.

"Wha––," he spluttered, "What are you doing here!?" he asked incredulously, "You should be in the life support room!"

"No. I want to decide my own fate and I decided this." She looked into his shocked and warm, thankful eyes. She knew that he was happy she had come and that he would not have to die alone.

She sat down in front of him as the base of her and his neck, by the look of awareness in his eyes, twinged too. The pre-coma stage had begun.
They sat together, staring into each other's solemn eyes. Shayla glanced over his red eyebrows and down his steady jaw and up into his eyes. His continually blooming pupils were consuming the vivid green of his eyes, which were always filled with a ready smile, kindness and spark.
For long seconds consumed eyes gazed into consumed eyes, the understanding of what they were doing filled the stare but there was no regret in the look. Shayla's cheeks were wet with tears from longing for freedom from this Voropenitus, a longing so strong it made her weep. Jacks eyes brimmed with tears, spilling over as he smiled in the last few moments.

The sprinklers attached on the roof to mist the plants came on as the last seconds of their lives began to slide by. Jack grabbed Shayla's hand and his smile grew even brighter.

"Bye," he said contentedly.

"Good bye," Shayla replied with a satisfied smile.

And as the willows lament branches steamed with tears from above, a quick last pulse ran through the children's joined hands and, smiling, Shayla's closing eyes watched Jacks eyes flutter shut, never leaving her gaze, and she never saw his head fall on to her shoulder and never felt hers come to it's final resting place on his, as their hands stilled forever; the girl and boy both destined to walk in to a final escape together.